How To: Import users & financial data from Smartlaunch

Import Smartlaunch users & data using gizmo built-in import tool

Panagiotis Mantzouranis

Last Update 4 years ago


  • All users imported from Smartlaunch are locked and have no password. Customers must enter a new password at first login.
  • Smartlaunch Employees imported do not have passwords set. Login with Gizmo default account (admin/admin) and set new passwords for each.

  • Launch Gizmo configuration tool from desktop shortcut

  • Click on "Importer". This will launch the import wizard
  • Click Next to begin Migration procedure
  • Check "Smartlaunch" Checkbox and click "next"

Smartlaunch Database:

  • Select Smartlaunch database type and location
  • Enter default VAT percentage used. If product prices in Smartlaunch DO NOT include VAT, uncheck checkbox
  • Since version 4.8, Smartlaunch encrypts the DB. Use this tool to retrieve the MS Access password.

Destination Database:

  • Enter Gizmo target destination details (database type, credentials etc). Make a note of the database name in order to configure it again in the Gizmo Service Configuration Wizard.
  • Verify that all the information is correct and press next to proceed with the DB creation

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