Automatic empty space creation before deployment

Panagiotis Mantzouranis

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Gizmo includes an automatic system to delete files/folders on the target partition in order to create the necessary space before any automatic deployment.

When a customer launches a game with a deployment profile attached to it:

  1. Gizmo calculates the total size of the deployment profile that is about to deploy.
  2. Gizmo checks for empty space on the client equal to the size in step 1.
  3. If the empty space on the client is not enough, Gizmo performs the following:
    •It gathers usage statistics of all the deployment profiles present in the Gizmo DB. Based on the total hours played for each game, it sorts deployment profiles from least used to most used. Deployment profiles with the option (ignore cleanup) are ignored.
    •Deletion of the least used deployment profile is performed, then the available space is recalculated. If the empty space is still not enough, gizmo deletes the next least used deployment profile target dir.
    •The process is repeated until the empty space is enough to deploy, or there are no more deployment profiles to delete. In that case, a "not enough disk space" message appears on the client interface.
To enable the automatic empty space creation in gizmo, check the "Allocate free space" option in Client Settings.

Optionally you can configure Gizmo to delete extra space during the procedure.

Note: If, for example, Gizmo is trying to deploy a profile on the D partition, it will only delete folders on that same partition.

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