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Panagiotis Mantzouranis

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Deployment profiles in Gizmo have a very important option named "Direct Access"

Direct Access affects the way Gizmo will access the files to be sent. It is directly connected to the source folder of the deployment profile

"Source" is the folder path containing the files you want to copy to the client. "Direct access" option dictates if that path is accessible by Gizmo server or Gizmo client.

For example,

if source is a folder on the Gizmo server PC, e.g. "D:\Games\Fortnite", the path is only accessible by the Server.

In that case, direct access should be DISABLED

if source is a mapped network drive on the client, e.g. "Z:\Games\Fortnite", the path is only accessible by the client.

In that case, direct access should be ENABLED

if source is a network (UNC) path, e.g. "\\fileserver\Games\Fortnite", accessible by both server and clients, direct access can be either enabled or disabled

Direct access option also affects deployment speed. If direct access is enabled, deployment mechanism uses standard windows transfer protocol. When direct access is disabled, Gizmo uses its own proprietary transfer protocol to push the files from the server to the client.

That slows down deployment speed roughly 20%-30%. We suggest you use "direct access" whenever possible, since it provides the best performance.

On the other hand, not using "direct access" means that you do not have to make files directly accessible to the clients. You do not have to create network shares or mess with sharing permissions. It is quicker and safer to use this option.

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