Client login interface QR functionality

Panagiotis Mantzouranis

Last Update 2 years ago

Note: This feature is only usable by owners that want to develop a custom login solution.

GIzmo does not currently have built-in support for login via a phone app.

Latest Gizmo version introduced the option to display a QR code on the client login page

The QR code exposes basic client information that can be used by a developer to implement functionality to:

  • Automatic login customers from a phone app
  • Display PC related info such as hardware specs, Booking status etc

To enable this feature, use the skin editor to activate "Show host QR code" option

This will display a custom QR code that when scanned, will output a json formatted text with the following info:

  • Host id
  • Host Guid
  • Hostgroup id
  • Host number

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