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Export Gizmo Data (Users, hosts, products etc) to excel

Panagiotis Mantzouranis

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You can use Gizmo API system to export raw data in a .json format and, using an online converter, convert the data to excel, word, pdf and other formats

To use the API system first you need to make sure it is enabled. Enabling the "Web portal" also enables the API functionality

Now, open a web browser and navigate to your server ip. If you are working directly on the Gizmo server pc, use:

If you are using a different port number in the settings, make sure you adjust the URL accordingly

You should now be greeted with the Gizmo service main web page

  • Click on "Web API"

For example, to export users: 

  • Expand Users
  • Click "GET ​/api​/users Returns all users"
  • Click "Try it out"
  • Click "Execute"
  • Click download icon to save results as .json file

Now open https://www.aconvert.com/document/json-to-xlsx/, a free web-based converter. To convert, do the following:

  1. Select .json file
  2. Select export format
  3. Press convert
  4. Click on the converted file to save

Below is a list of data you can export:

User listhttp://
All product listhttp://
Time offers only listhttp://
Host listhttp://
Computer only listhttp://
Application listhttp://
Application list (titles Only)
Invoice listhttp://
Monetary unitshttp://
News feedshttp://
RSS news feedshttp://
Total spending by userhttp://
Total Points by userhttp://
Custom attributes listhttp://

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