Client Skin Editor

Gizmo built-in skin editor (v2.367 and later)

By Panagiotis Mantzouranis

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  1. Launch Gizmo configuration tool from desktop shortcut
  2. Click on Skin editor
  3. Select the skin you wish to edit
  4. Make changes
  5. Click on apply
  1. Wallpaper file name
    Specifies an image to be used as wallpaper

  2. Hide Points (true/false)
    Hides the customer Loyalty points from top bar

  3. Hide Balance (true/false)
    Hides customer balance from top bar

  4. Hide Active Applications (true/false)
    Hides active applications tab on top bar

  5. Disable Skin Shadows (true/false)
    Disables skin shadows. May increase skin performance

  6. SoftwareRendering (true/false)
    Enables software rendering. May fix graphical issues of skin but will increase CPU load

  7. Application sorting method (1-5)
    Specifies the shorting method used to display applications

  8. Rotator Source folder
    Specifies the directory for the media used by login rotator

  9. Rotate interval in seconds (number 1,2,3 etc)
    Specifies the time in seconds between rotating media

  10. Rotator media playback order (Random, FileName)
    Specifies the order in which the media used by login rotator is displayed

  11. Modules (Home, Apps, Shop)
    Hides specific tabs from client interface

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