How To: Origin & Battlefield 3 Deployment

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This tutorial will show you how to manually deploy Origin & Battlefield 3 on your client PCs (Windows 7).

  • First, install Origin & battlefield 3 on a client PC as you would normally do. (Either from the DVD disk, or by downloading Origin and web installing the game)
  • Make sure that you select your preferred Game installation folder BEFORE installing the game (Origin settings - General - Downloaded Games)
  • Launch Battlefield 3 and, when prompted to install Battlelog Web plugin, choose save as and download the file (
  • After fully Installing & updating Origin & Battlefileld 3, exit Origin and use Gizmo file Transfer (or any other means) to copy the following files/folders to your file server:
1.C:\Program Files\Origin\Origin application files
2.C:\Program Files\Origin Games\Battlefield 3\Battlefield 3 game files
3.C:\ProgramData\Origin\LocalContent\Battlefield 3\Battlefield 3 game files Update status
4.battlelog-web-plugins_x.x.x_xxx.exeDownloaded in previous step
  • You will also need the following registry entries. Start regedit and navigate to the following paths, then right click - export to files.
  • Create a deployment profile for each of the four folders/files. Make sure to copy/paste the relevant registry data from the .reg files to the deployment profiles. Add the deployment profiles to the executable or deploy them manually to your clients
  • Finally, create a task and manually execute, or add it as a pre-deploy task on the game executable.
  • That's it, one of the most complicated games to deploy...
To Launch Battlefield 3 automatically after Origin Login use the following:

Executable path: C:\Program Files\Origin\Origin.exe (modify accordingly)

Command line arguments: "origin2://game/launch/?offerIds=DR:225064100"

Origin has activated an account anti-theft mechanism where a single Origin account cannot be used on more than 4 (four) computers within a 24 hour window. This means that if you try logging in from 5 different clients in a single day you will receive a message stating that you have connected from too many computers. As of this writing there are no known ways of bypassing this security.

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