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Backgrounds, images and videos on the login screen

Dmitry Kardash

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  1. Launch Gizmo configuration tool (Gizmo Server Configuration Wizard) from desktop shortcut
  2. Click on "Skin editor"
  3. Select the shell you want to edit
  4. Select a host group

    [Global] - default, will be used if no host group configuration is created.
    Host group configurations override [Global]

    You can create a host group in Gizmo Manager - Setup - Configure - Profiles and Groups - Host Groups

  5. Create a configuration (if it doesn't exist) and click continue.
  6. Enable "Slide show on login screen".
  7. Copy your images and videos to the "rotator" folder.
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\NETProjects\Gizmo Service\Skins\Material\rotator".
    The folder is located on the PC running the Gizmo service
    If the folder does not exist, create it and name it "rotator".
  8. You can also go to this folder by clicking on the icon next to "Multimedia folder".
  9. Click the "Apply" button
  10. Done! Reboot the client shell to update the settings

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