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1. How do i submit a Feature request?

To submit a feature request, use the dedicated form. LINK
Make sure you enter as much information as possible. It will help us understand and prioritize your request.

2. When will my feature request be implemented?

Customer requested features (if accepted) are implemented based on request frequency. If your request is similar to other requests, it has a higher chance of being implemented.

Of course, feature complexity and compatibility with existing features also plays a role.

In all cases, we do our best to implement as many features as we can.

Please do not ask when/if your feature will be implemented

3. Why isn't feature "Enter feature name here" implemented?

Adding features require development time. We try to add as many as we can, starting with the ones that provide the most value. If a feature is not yet implemented, its because there are others with higher priority that are being worked on.

4. Is there an upcoming feature list?

No, we do not maintain a public list of features under development. We do maintain a list of features and bugs that have already been implemented in the latest beta version. LINK

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