Fixed time, Deposits & Time Offers

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There are 3 different ways you can add time to a customer in Gizmo.


Deposits are money stored in a user's account. You can deposit or withdraw money from a user at any time, using the deposit and withdraw function.

Based on the active billing profile and deposits, gizmo calculates how much time the user can remain logged. As soon as the user accumulates a debt equal to his deposits, he is logged out.

The default billing profile is configured in the usergroup settings. It can be overridden in host group settings, effectively changing the active billing profile when user is logged in on selected hosts.

Please note that deposits are not automatically deducted from the account unless the "Auto invoice" & "Auto Pay" options are both enabled in the settings. If they are not, the debt remains unpaid and is reflected in the user's balance.

To manually pay the debt from the user balance, use "Close balance" action and select "Deposits" as the payment method.

Fixed time

Fixed time is a set amount of time you can sell to customers. The price of this fixed time is again calculated based on the usergroup's default billing profile (configured in User group). Fixed time is sold from the POS using the preset buttons. It does not expire and the time can be used on any host group the user has login access.

Quick sale buttons can be in the form of time or money. All of them sell time, they are there simply to help the operator sell the correct amount.

For example, if a customer asks for 1€ worth of time, the operator can press the 1€ quick sale button. Gizmo will calculate the exact amount of time the user can buy with 1€ (based on usergroup's billing profile), and add it to the cart.

Note: If you plan charge a user different hourly rates based on host group they use, you should not use fixed time. Instead, deposit money to the user account.

Time offers

A time offer is a product that contains time. A time offer has a price and a number of secondary options, such as usage period, expiry period, allowed host group usage and others. Time offers are sold through the POS interface.

Order of use

The order in which the above are used is: Time offers - Fixed time - Deposits

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