List of fixes and new features

Oleg Savelos

Last Update 14 gün önce


Fix - Fixed Recovery password scenario with SMS and FlashCalls, when password change can't be confirmed by FlashCall

Fix - Regional settings for Payselection payment provider

Fix - Barcode scanner support for Fiscal mode (Atol)

Fix - Display correct lang on login screen (Gizmo Client)
Fix - Tinkoff callback validation
Fix - Receipt editor app fails to start due to wrong json/dll

Feature - Add Deposit Service Name for Online Payments

Feature - Add support for Cloud Cashboxes for Online Payments

Feature - User Hard delete function (this will allow permanently deleting the user and any associated data from the database)

Feature - Age based login restrictions

2.0.846 (07/03/2024)

Fix - Fixed Riot Launcher license management
Fix - Executable environment variables expanded on server causing launch errors
Fix - Web view cache corruption causes black screens or inconsistencies in the Client UI

Fix - Deleted assistance request types are displayed for selection in the Client UI

Fix - Not all assistance requests are displayed for selection in the Client UI

Fix - Not all required information is passed to the fiscal printers for marked products

Fix - Default mouse cursor appears in left screen corner while user is in full screen games

Fix - News and Media requires a second click to be opened in the Client UI  

Fix - Malformed News and Media HTML content causes the Client UI loading failures

Fix - Assistance request types names are not validated causing errors on creation or modification
Fix - Forgot your password typo (EN translation) in the Client UI
Fix - Pay Selection payment provider allows same deposit intent to be paid multiple times

Fix - Pay Selection payment callbacks fail to be verified causing online deposit payments processing failures 

Fix - Disabled payment methods could be used for online payments in the Client UI

Fix - Online payment parameters are now reset each time when initiated by user in the Client UI
Fix - It is possible to register without specifying confirm password in the Client UI
Fix - Newly registered users do not appear in Manager upon registration

Fix - Post code and Address are not validated correctly upon registration in the Client UI

Feature - Logged in users are now notified of their ban in the Client UI

Feature - Logged in users are now automatically logged out from the Client once banned

Feature - Twilio SMS provider added

Feature - OPay payment provider

2.0.831 (13/11/2023)

Feature - Allow different wallpapers on different host groups
Feature - Allow disable receipt printing permission
Feature - Customer assistance request feature, now your customers can ask for help directly from PC

Feature - User time details, now your customers can see all the details of their time available and its sources
Feature - News and adds custom templates
Feature - News and adds custom background
Feature - Product mark support (RU)
Fix - Only allow single quantity time offer purchase in client shop

Fix - Wallpaper changes do not take effect on the first boot

Fix - Username not shown in user profile page

Fix - Allow Tinkoff payment provider to ignore specific http request errors to allow verification of test mode registers

Fix - Shell window might not have correct sizing after resolution change

Fix - Keyboard shortcut language switching now works as expected
Fix - Third party countries API timeout causes the user registration to be blocked indefinitely 

2.0.825 (29/8/2023)

Fix - Hide inaccessible applications from the client UI, the application will only be shown if executable file is found or deployment profile is assigned
Fix - Rotator video hangs if media file is corrupt
Fix - Disable user profile editing in Client UI user profile page
Fix - Personal files are still visible in the UI even if not marked as accessible

Fix - Non sellable products can be bought by navigating to them from a previous purchase

Fix - License reservation error not localized

Fix - No default user group causing registration problems on client
Fix - Stock and other validation parameters not checked when increasing order line quantity in client shop
Fix - Various cosmetic text display fixes
Fix - Enter does not work on login form if no password specified
Fix - Invalid usernames can be used when registering from client
Fix - Hide close button from user agreement dialog
Fix - Various user agreement bugs on client
Fix - Malformed news/adds command URL causes UI crash
Fix - Files being re-copied during deployment on client due to wrong LastWriteTime handling

Fix - Client CUR_USER_GROUP variable not being set on user move

Fix - Client USERMINUTESLEFT variable not being set on user move

Fix - Current user time source not being displayed correctly on user move and some other cases

Fix - Product purchase availability not refreshed in client shop

Fix - Client UI not able to start in some cases with error "App assembly not configured"

Fix - Error message is displayed when trying to enter server settings from manager

Fix - Shop and popular products take a lot of time to be displayed on client

Fix - Black screen is displayed on client when client UI is being shown on machine boot requiring client restart

Fix - Access Denied error appears in client logs due to user payment methods being request from client when there is no user logged on

Fix - Empty app categories shown in case of filtered result or app profile restrictions

Fix - App sorting selection being cleared during navigation to other pages

Fix - Cancelling user agreement upon registration allows user to proceed

Fix - User agreements not shown on user login

Fix - User password update requested on client even if manual user login is disabled for current user group
Change - App card template changes that improve performance

Feature - Added option to encode host QR code with base64

Feature - Added option to hide home module

Feature - Added Slovenian client UI language
Feature - Added ability to use HTML in user agreements

2.0.815 (24/7/2023)


Feature - Added default app sorting option

Feature - Added disable user lock option
Change - Improved current user time source visual template

Fix - Shell execute does not work correctly in some cases
Fix - Language selection is not correctly hidden in Client UI login screen
Fix - Preferred client language not set on client startup causing splash screen to be displayed in English
Fix - Notification window brings client interface on top in some windows configurations

Fix - Improved Web View startup with slow Windows Explorer instances

Fix - Guests can se users products and vice versa

Fix - User profile page is visible to guests

Fix - Wallpaper was reset to default in configuration tool

Fix - Disabled client payment methods cause user orders not to show up

Fix - Disabled client payment methods cause invalid payment method name displayed in user orders

Fix - Main processes not being terminated on child exit in license management plugins

Fix - User group based disallow logout option not respected

Fix - Client hangs on shell initialization during initial start on system boot

Fix - Skin based shop disable options were not respected, skin based shop disabled options will only be taken into account if shop functionality is enabled globally.

Fix - Not all client languages where available for selection

Fix - Product "is service" selection checkbox overlays "deleted" checkbox in product settings

Fix - Tooltip on product cards crashes client interface

Fix - User is able to navigate to login screen with mouse buttons

Fix - User is able to navigate into home while logged out with mouse buttons

Fix - Configuration tool cant clear backgrounds

Fix - Check out window crashes client interface in some rare cases

Fix - Multiple same windows input languages reported causing client interface crash

Fix - Hidden products were visible in "Related products" section

Fix - User available time was showing more available hours

Fix - Windows explorer is started for a second time when deactivating client

Fix - Client log messages always logged as error

2.0.800 (17/7/2023)


Breaking change - New cursor based paging for v2 API endpoints details

Breaking change - Gizmo Client now only support x64 OS
Breaking change - Material skin is no longer supported

Breaking change - Gizmo Client now uses Edge Web View for hosting its interface, by default Web View will be installed automatically by windows, if not it can be installed manually from following link

Feature - Web base client UI (Skin)
Feature - Support for USB CDC (virtual com) based barcode scanners
Feature - Allow some application such as On Screen Keyboard to come on top of client UI when no user is logged in

Feature - Added file logging to improve debugging

Feature - Added Pay Selection payment provider support 

Change - Client shop now uses globally defined order/sorting for products

Change - Different skin configurations are now possible per host group

Change - Client startup improvements

Change - Client logging changes that improves troubleshooting and debugging

Change - Filtering and Virtual drive drivers updates
Change - All client logs are now stored in same place (Application Directory\Logs)

2.0.700 (22/2/2023)

Feature - Optionally allow executing batch files for computer hosts

Feature - Automatic SMS fallback for flash calls when using SMS providers
Feature - Permission to allow manually turning endpoint hosts (Consoles)

Fix - Manager crashes when removing products from user order by using context menu

Fix - WOL does not work on some network equipment

Fix - Tinkoff callbacks fail to verify causing some online payments not to be processed 

2.0.691 (1/2/2023)

Fix - Fixed Tinkoff callback validation

2.0.690 (1/2/2023)

Feature - Added support for web sockets in order to improve usability in web and cloud based environments

Feature - Use default deployment assigned to executable in Manager manual deployment

Feature - Allow specifying  default line VAT in Tiknkoff payment provider options

Feature - 60 Seconds delay when sending SMS during registration

Fix - Non-Fiscal payment methods not honored when processing online payments causing receipts to be printed even when they should not be

Fix - Transactions report does not show online deposits

Fix - Multi host sales bug causing various problems

Fix - Allow mobile verification for phones with less than 10 numbers

Fix - Process filtering matches parts of executable names causing undesired processes to be matched by security filter an not being able to start
Fix - Its no longer possible to modify time products sale quantities in order to avoid problems with "From use expiration" when multiple time offers expire at same time (Client/Manager)

Fix - Tinkoff online payments don't work

2.0.651 (23/11/2022)

Fix - Web API v1 endpoints expect parameters in body instead of query

Fix - Client would not provide correct mac address when connecting through wireless network interfaces

2.0.650 (22/11/2022)

Feature - Added to API - Get users filtering by Smart card uid

Feature - Added option to display a QR code on client login for integration with custom mobile apps

Feature - API endpoint to monitor connected Gizmo companion apps (331)

Feature - Added password recovery for customers from the client interface

Feature - Added support for Flash call method for all supported providers (246)

Feature - Added built-in support for Red SMS / SMS Aero RU / SMSC RU providers (315, 326)

Feature - Added support for online payment of deposits from client (Stripe, Tinkoff & CloudPayments)

Feature - Implemented color coding of remaining time to HDMI Device LED strip

Change - Changes to email server settings now apply immediately (328)

Change - Client no longer terminates processes marked as critical during logout

Change - Reduced server memory usage during client update

Fix - HDMI device being unassigned from host on change of in/out order or lock state (333)

Fix - DB cleanup tool not cleaning payment intents table on user deletion (330)

Fix - Not prompting to enable credit in certain cases (319)

Fix - Showing wrong time left while credit was enabled (325)

2.0.620 (22/08/2022)

Change - Disabled server side batch actions for Linux builds (309)

Fix - Manager deployment showing wrong file size & percent (314)

Fix - Billing hanging on 1st fixed time purchase if more than 1 available (313)

Fix - Configuration tools asking for .net 6 install (312)

Fix - Manager failing to connect on Server 2016 OS (310)

Fix - Report engine emailing disabled addresses (301)

Fix - Automatic deployment failing with indirect access (311)

Fix - Overview report including deleted hosts and excluding open sessions (305, 306)

Fix - Unlimited time credit option did not check user flag state (308)

Fix - Autoinvoice failing if user balance negative

Fix - Void deposit action not rounding to second decimal

2.0.610 (27/07/2022)


Feature - Added Fiscal payment type for custom payment methods (299)

Feature - Gizmo Companion - Added option to auto disconnect from Fiscal Printer (298)

Feature - Added "Banned" filter option in users Tab & ban details in user's window (278)

Feature - Change customer password from client (280)

Feature - Added support for TLS & StartTLS in Server mail settings (285)

Feature - Added ability to tie specific license keys to hosts (281)

Feature - Added "save as pdf" button in web reports (275)

Feature - Autologin guests after deposit or time sale action (223)

Feature - New operator permissions - Void deposits & allow time credit (274)

Feature - Added "sales credit" and "total credit limit" to usergroups (270)

Feature - Customer EULA/TOS now presented upon first login (266)

Feature - Multiple Customer EULA/TOS agreements now possible (266)

Feature - Customer EULA/TOS optional acceptance (266)

Feature - Lock/unlock client interface by customer (265)

Change - Improved the AVG usage calculation in Overview report (284)

Change - Optimized Gizmo receipt layout to fit long product names (282)

Change - Log size is now capped to newest 1000 entries (279)

Change - Russian tax system - Single tax setup now allows use of deposits for products (271)

Change - "Allow credit" renamed to "Allow time credit" to differentiate from "Sales credit"

Change - Customer EULA/TOS now stored in DB and configured from Manager (266)

Change - Closing Balance no longer requires "View unpaid invoices" permission (263)

Fix - Rare issue after DB clean and shift numbering

Fix - Web reports - shift report links not working if shift shorter than 1 minute

Fix - Smartlaunch importer failure on deleted products

Fix - HDMI device not turning off on customer move action (276)

Fix - Waiting lines bug causing excessive DB usage

Fix - Gizmo filter driver conflict with filter driver apps (MS UWF, Reboot Restore RX)

2.0.590 (11/05/2022)

Feature - Added X report print command for Fiscal Printers

Feature - Logout grace period to refill customer time (261)

Feature - Companion app now supports 32bit OS

Change - Companion app setup switch to .exe from .msi

Fix - Shift reports not fitting in PDF (260)

Fix - Delay when logging in users from manager during peak use (262)

Fix - Fiscal receipt not issued for session time during close balance action

2.0.582 (29/04/2022)

Change - Client skin option - Hide ratings now also hides top rated games in Home Page

Fix - Manager - Open shift reports not working if no pay in/out transactions exist (257)

Fix - Personal drive not working since 2.0.580 (258)

Fix - Report emailing not working since 2.0.580 (259)

2.0.580 (27/04/2022)

Feature - New API endpoints for Client Orders

Feature - New operator permissions - Modify billing options (241)

Feature - New operator permissions - Create user

Feature - Support for upcoming console controller device (249)

Feature - Client login with mobile phone number as username (234,237,250,251,256)

Feature - Payment methods in withdraw action (252)

Feature - Void deposit action (252)

Feature - New client skin options - Hide app filters/ratings/info (253)

Feature - Added "from" & "to" date in Manager - Log filters (255)

Feature - Added full support for Russian Tax system and Fiscal printers (Atol & ШТРИХ-ON-LINE)

Change - Disabling "Fixed time" in usergroup billing options now disables "Fixed time" buttons in POS (242)

Change - Time offers in orders are automatically marked delivered upon order accept

Fix - Server using cached credentials when authorizing licenses (244)

Fix - Stock reports showing deleted products (231)

Fix - Translations are now used for payment methods in orders drawer (256)

Fix - DB cleanup error when deleting products with hidden host properties (210,248)

Fix - "Force user balance reprocess" option not working after .net 5 update

2.0.561 (01/11/2021)

Fix - Gizmo Service not starting on first time setups

2.0.560 (20/10/2021)


1. SERVER IS 64bit ONLY! - A 64bit OS IS REQUIRED for Gizmo Server

2. Clients require .Net 4.7.2 framework

Feature - Withdraw receipts

Feature - Added Product cost and Total cost columns to Web Reports - Financial Report

Feature - Multi host selection - multi guest login and group deposit

Feature - New operator permissions - Make Pay ins/outs

Feature - Client now resolves variables used in skin's .json configuration file

Feature - Added Italian & Arabic translations to Manager

Feature - Added Italian translation to client

Change - Migrated Gizmo Server to .Net 6 (64bit OS mandatory)

Fix - Manager POS showing out of stock warnings for deleted products

Fix - Pay ins/outs missing in Web Reports - Financial Report (Detailed)

Fix - Translations of built-in payment methods not used in Web reports

Fix - Added checks to report emailing entries

Fix - Added error message when accepting a customer order with insufficient deposits

Fix - Issue with db restore and invalid DB connection string

Fix - Added "points" payment method to Manager - orders drawer

2.0.510 (01/07/2021)

Feature - Option to withhold deposits if already used for session time

Change - Client automatically logs out non-adminstrator window accounts

Change - Client configuration moved to "Local Machine" registry Hive

Change - Client configuration deleted from registry on uninstall

Change - Increased client anti-termination protection

Fix - Server creating guest user PUF folders when moving guests

Fix - Client Youtube playback

Fix - Configuration wizard - Manage Service not always working with UAC enabled

Fix - Client sometimes restarting immediately after disable

Fix - Client service not always exiting when terminating client

Fix - Client service now handles switching between windows users

Fix - Paying after switching away from "custom" payment method still used "custom" payment method

Fix - Server not always using correct interface to advertise availability to clients

Fix - Server not always using correct interface for WOL packets

Fix - Receipt editor not honoring selected language in Manager

Fix - Recording wrong app launch time in application stats

Fix - Client loosing track of monitored apps in some cases

Fix - Client causing explorer.exe crashing loop in windows 20H2

2.0.490 (31/05/2021)

Feature - New operator permissions - View past day/paid invoices

Feature - New operator permissions - Void other operator/past day/closed shift/used time invoices

Feature - New operator permissions - View stock control/stock changes

Feature - New operator permissions - View deposit transactions

Feature - New operator permissions - View pay ins/outs

Feature - New operator permissions - Access Manage Tab - Processes/files/tasks

Feature - New operator permissions - View/Manage waiting lines

Feature - New operator permissions - Access Log Tab

Feature - Added "unit price" and "VAT%" options in receipt editor

Feature - Option to automatically re-login active sessions after abnormal Client restart

Feature - Option to logout customer from PC if disconnected for more than x seconds

Feature - Added new language in Web reports - Portuguese (Brazil)

Change - Added Asset number in Asset reports

Change - Auto invoice can now be set to 0 - invoice immediately on logout

Change - if auto-invoice and auto-pay is enabled, manually closing balance auto-pays the invoiced session

Change - Invoices for session time now include the last PC used

Change - Client will no longer set windows shell to explorer.exe in registry

Fix - Refund to other than cash did not show correctly during shift closing

Fix - Manager - Voids without refund had wrong date in refund date column

Fix - Scheduled tasks (report emails, backups) stop working after prolonged server operation

Fix - Issue with + character in Gizmo account password

Fix - Switch to WinRT speech synthesis APIs - Time left notification voice now supports other Languages

Fix - "Allow Credit" option being erroneously enabled in certain cases of Multi-guest login

Fix - Web - Session Reports not missing "move to pc" info when filtering a specific host

Fix - Failure to re-install Gizmo as service (simple mode) after renaming Server PC

Fix - UWF maintenance mode (Win 10 enterprise) not working after Gizmo client installation

2.0.480 (13/04/2021)

Feature - Manager - Added payment method column in Sales - Invoices

Feature - Manager - Added payment method filter in Sales - Invoices

Feature - Manager - Added payments & voids/refunds in invoice details

Feature - Added check for invalid characters in PUF and User Names

Feature - Report e-mailing now uses "Business Name" as sender name

Feature - Added sorting options for products in client shop

Feature - Multi user selection - ban/unban/Billing options/logout/reset password & info

Feature - Multi host selection - logout

Feature - New built-in variables

Feature - Added multiple time left notifications

Feature - Automatic use of deposits for partial payment

Feature - Added option to hide product from Client Shop

Feature - Added background color to custom icons

Feature - Added default action on new user creation

Feature - Added pay in/out notes to web reports - Transactions Report

Feature - Added client order notes to web reports - Orders Report

Feature - Added maintenance mode action to Manager log

Change - A number of small improvements in Client Shop

Change - Increased client anti-termination protection

Change - Advanced login - Dropdown menu now only shows valid guest groups

Change - Empty product groups now hidden in manager POS

Change - Changed "Chrome download" security permission disabling method

Fix - Session counter of pending sessions start from 0 on manager login

Fix - Product Log - Wrong date on returned items

Fix - Client orders with 0 price sum appeared unpaid in Manager

Fix - Re-activated "fixed time" import from SL DB in importer tool

Fix - App statistics not always being recorded

Fix - Asset report incorrectly naming guests

Fix - A number of small bugs in Manager

Fix - Manager CTD when navigating invoices with keyboard arrows

Fix - Manager error when adding multiple tasks to an exe at once

Fix - Minecraft (java) Mojang License management

Fix - Re-printed invoices showing custom payment methods as "unknown"

Fix - Client service start failure on 32bit OS due to bad Token privileges

2.0.456 (03/02/2021)

Change - Overview report - Pay ins/outs removed from Revenue total and added to Financial Total

Fix - Error when changing operator credit option to multiple usergroups

Fix - API - Error when ordering bundles containing time offers

Fix - Stock Management - Inability to set stock in bundles

Fix - Server not using user defined PFX certificates

2.0.450 (20/01/2021)

Feature - Multi host selection - multi guest login and group sale

Feature - Shift reports - Added duration/expected/difference totals

Feature - New security permission - Block Google chrome downloads

Feature - New manager language - French

Feature - Installers are now digitally signed

Change - Bundle's stock now based on bundled product's stock (if stock enabled)

Fix - Gizmo Server Configuration Wizard not decrypting account password from json

Fix - Advanced user search not working with phone numbers

Fix - Service installation failure (simple mode) on new DBs

Fix - Service installation failure (simple mode) due to password complexity requirements

Fix - Error in Reports when including empty invoices

Fix - Invoice reports showing incorrect bundle item quantities

Fix - Error in points calculation in Top user Report

Fix - Client login screen resize upon client resolution change

Fix - Client side sms validation appending 00 prefix

Fix - New user creation inability to select usergroup from Sales tab

Fix - Youtube playback on client interface

Fix - АТОЛ 30Ф fiscal printer not being detected by Manager

Fix - Manager POS - Products use 1st available VAT when no VAT is configured

Fix - Manager now hides bundles and products with "target different" enabled from "target different" list in other products

2.0.411 (12/11/2020)

MANUALLY UPDATE GIZMO MANAGER (if upgrading from version ≤2.0.382)

Fix - Service installation failure (simple mode) with usergroup containing cyrillic characters

Fix - Gizmo Client not loading under certain conditions

2.0.410 (05/11/2020)

Feature - "Exact match" option added to advanced user search

Feature - Modify product price during sale

Feature - New operator permission - Modify price

Feature - Stock Alert icons in Sales window

Feature - "Duplicate executable" function inside Application

Feature - Sales Tab - Product prices are now recalculated when switching users

Feature - Tools - Asset checkouts - double clicking entry opens user's asset window

Feature - Configurable default action on customer RFID scan

Feature - Option to add RFID card during new user creation

Feature - Added experimental support for АТОЛ 30Ф fiscal printer

Feature - Gizmo Service installation easy mode

Change - New executable selection screen for multi-exe apps

Change - Quick launch/favorites bar redesign

Change - Gizmo license password is stored encrypted in json

Fix - Youtube video playback

Fix - PDF reports error when windows user contained ascii characters

Fix - During manual user login to host, user time now compensates for host group properties

Fix - Sales Tab - Bundles - Payment method toggle button (points/money) was missing

Fix - Sales Tab - Usergroup custom price "and/or" setting was not honored

Fix - Failure to login to Web reports with Google Chrome

Fix - Money to time calculation with certain step based & loop conditions

Fix - Pay ins-outs crash when shift is optional

Fix - Issue with offline authorization from license file

Fix - Various API fixes

Fix - Invalid SMS country codes numbers for some countries

Fix - Deployment fixes regarding already deployed profiles

Fix - Automatic deployment incorrectly calculating required disk space on partially deployed apps

2.0.401 (15/07/2020)

Fix - Installer does not overwrite server files

Fix - Client Brazilian language not included in setup

Fix - Manager wrong Brazilian language is used

Fix - Remote Desktop not fully functional

2.0.400 (14/07/2020)

Feature - Added footer in receipt template

Feature - Added "password" column to import from excel

Feature - Added operator permission - Access API

Feature - License Agreement when registering new account from client pc & web

Feature - Pay in-out

Feature - Added Brazilian Portuguese & Serbian in Manager

Feature - Added Brazilian Portuguese in Client

Change - User info selected in usergroup is now required during signup

Change - Updated BaseLmPlugin.dll to latest version

Change - Changed DB import tool timeout from 30 seconds to 10 minutes

Change - Backup now also backups the "templates" folder

Change - Close balance now also checks in any assets

Change - Operator permission "change usergroup" now also blocks changing usergroup during new user creation

Change - Deletion of the last Layout profile is now disabled

Fix - Client side ordering of bundles also awarding points of included products

Fix - Validation of Product and Layout Group names during creation

Fix - A number of API endpoint descriptions were wrong

Fix - Stock control - Target different - Product stock still showed target different stock when option disabled

Fix - Client interface not loading with "No exports were found..." error message

Fix - Manager reloaded default json when testing for server status on login screen

Fix - Manager - client disconnect notification sound always used default sound

Fix - Manager not loading latest License Management DLL

Fix - Import from excel failed with "read access" error

Fix - Import from excel did not import e-mail addresses

Fix - Import from Smartlaunch dropped existing Gizmo DB

Fix - A number of missing translations

Fix - Changed API command for points award & redeem

Fix - New API command to get user info with username

Fix - Financial report link in shift reports not showing voided invoices with different creation register

2.0.382 (11/03/2020)

Change - Server settings - Bind address and Multicast Ip address are now read-only to prevent misconfiguration

Fix - Youtube playback failure on certain youtube videos

Fix - Client image resources missing

Fix - Booking - advanced search - crash when entering characters in booking ID field

Fix - Missing translations in receipt editor tool

Fix - Printer-connected cash drawers did not eject when paying invoice via user window - purchase Tab

2.0.380 (10/03/2020)

Feature - Reservations (Beta)

Feature - Automatic daily/weekly/monthly e-mailing of reports

Feature - Manual sorting of products in POS interface

Feature - Using a newer manager now prompts to uninstall and install correct version

Feature - Executable path in Applications is now automatically filled, if left empty

Feature - "Add user" Button in users tab

Feature - New operator permission - View user stats tab

Feature - Manager configuration - Language option

Feature - Manager configuration - Sound notifications for user logout & client disconnect

Feature - Manager configuration - User search fields

Feature - Manager configuration - new user - Ask for user details

Feature - Manager login screen - Server status

Feature - Server and client version in Manager - help - about

Feature - Command line options added to Gizmo Manager

Feature - Gizmo Service Configuration Wizard redesign

Feature - Manual backup/restore functionality

Feature - Server option to enable/disable user registration via web form

Feature - Skin editor

Feature - Sale and deposit receipt editor

Feature - Live status of Checked out Assets

Feature - New license management type - Riot launcher

Feature - Void - Refund - refund method can now be selected

Feature - Importer now supports importing user data from Excel file

Feature - Client now defaults to built in settings if "config.json" file is malformed or missing from skin folder

Feature - Server now generates "config.json" if file is missing from skin folder

Fix - Close balance action did not check if "deposits" was a valid payment method for Manager

Fix - Withdraw action - incorrectly allowed the selection of payment type

Fix - Host reports did not accurately reflect user move

Fix - User info request on client - date preset changed from 1/1/0001 to current date

Fix - Hostgroup billing profile override was not used when checking user balance on login

Fix - User stats - total sales - bundles were calculated incorrectly

Fix - Youtube video playback on client was broken due to youtube changes

Fix - Executable's icon did not retain transparency

Fix - Billing profile - step based Billing profiles with no steps resulted in failure to calculate customer time

Fix - Login/logout animation issue introduced in 2.0.350

Fix - PC Turn on keyboard shortcut not working

Fix - Stock control reporting 0 stock if more than 100 products were monitored

Fix - Customer self registration from web did not store birthdate

Fix - Client - running processes termination optimizations

Fix - Client failing to autostart after reboot on win7

Fix - Launching same app second time asked to terminate running apps

Fix - Added vertical scroller to tasks-scripts

Fix - Web report - Overview did not correctly calculate unique member visits

Fix - Web report - Host report - detailed did not exclude deleted hosts

Fix - Customer image no longer distorted

Fix - Product/time offer "end date" in Availability settings is now included in valid dates

2.0.350 (27/11/2019)

Feature - Usergroup option - disable login from Manager

Feature - User account - New tab "Stats"

Feature - Client-side new account creation with optional SMS or email verification

Feature - Web portal new account creation with optional SMS or email verification

Feature - All payment methods are now countable during shift close

Feature - Manager - Sound notification on new client order

Feature - Restrict launching of more than 1 executable at a time

Feature - Automatic daily backup of Gizmo DB and service.json file

Feature - New Operator permission - Open cash drawer

Feature - New Web reports (Asset, Shift, Invoice, Z, Session, Application and License reports)

Feature - New Web report (User export)

Feature - Web reports - Dynamic linking between reports

Feature - Orders are automatically paid on order accept when payment method is "Deposits"

Feature - New skin parameter - hide active applications

Change - Change API documentation tool

Fix - Client interface login/logout animation sometimes hanged

Fix - Registry tasks did not correctly handle "\" character

Fix - Added extra security to task manager for client

Fix - Order's preferred payment was not selected by default when paying order

Fix - Operator permission "manual user login" did not apply on waiting lines - Login button

Fix - Registry import during manual deployment did not work

Fix - Disabling payment method - Points for an Operator was not honored

Fix - Disabling payment method - Points blocked sale of items with "OR points price"

Fix - Operators without the "pay later" permission cannot complete orders unless they are fully paid

Fix - All custom rates in a billing profile appeared with the same color code

Fix - Deposit/withdraw permission not being applied on hosts' contextual menu

Fix - Client POS displayed the default bundle price, and not the usergoup's

Fix - User contextual menu did not properly reflect "allow credit" status when enabled by default in usergroup

Fix - Date use limitation on time offers was not being honored

Fix - Product daytime sale restriction did not apply on client POS if no time slots were selected

Fix - Void action subtracted loyalty points from account even if they had not been awarded yet

Fix - Refund action did not refund all payments

Fix - "Access management" permission still controlled access to maintenance mode, even though there is a separate permission

Fix - Server sometimes did not fallback to cached subscription after failing to verify subscription online

Fix - Security profile option "Disable command prompt" did not work

Fix - Award points were wrongly given when purchasing & paying with points from the Client

Fix - Overview Report - Erroneous statistics when the duration of the report was less than 24 hours

Fix - Overview Report - Changed calculation method of the avg daily member/guest visit time

2.0.300 (8/5/2019)

Change - Default skin no longer supported. Material skin now used exclusively

Change - removed function - module - terminate

Change - Significant client start-up time improvement

Change - Client, Manager & Server memory optimizations

Change - Reboot/shutdown client keyboard shortcut now works only on login screen & maintenance mode

Fix - Client not starting on boot under certain conditions

Fix - Increased maximum length of windows username in Gizmo service setup

Fix - Printed receipts did not use OS currency symbol

Fix - Security option "disable command prompt" blocked task manager instead

Fix - Restore hostnames function did not work

Fix - "Quick login guest" action failed to enable credit when credit was enabled by default

Fix - Voiding invoices did not refund payments in points

Fix - Voiding invoices did not subtract any awarded points from customer

Fix - Reports - products did not scroll correctly

Fix - Removed obsolete security permissions

Fix - User detail window resized to better accommodate data

Fix - Rfid support while in user search window

Fix - Manager now checks current stock level against item count of order

Fix - Changing Personal storage drive letter did not work

Fix - Voided items still appeared in sales reports

Fix - User's gender did not always update

Fix - Issue with selling to reserved guests from the host slot window with no default guest

Fix - Deleting a host group without first clearing it from hosts produced an error when double clicking affected hosts

Fix - Web service silently failed in some setups due to misconfigured dependencies

Feature - Ordering Module in client interface - Order items directly from client

Feature - BETA - Web based reports

Feature - Sticky desktop now also disables "show desktop" taskbar button

Feature - High-rez thumbnails for youtube videos now used

Feature - Payment method(s) used for deposits now show on transaction list

Feature - Epic games launcher license plugin

Feature - New columns in users tab - First Name, Last name, User creation date, User Age

Feature - User info in User tab: Total selected users, banned users, Deleted users

Feature - New security permissions - Disable - control panel / right click on taskbar / right click on files & folders

Feature - New operator permissions - Enter/Exit maintenance mode (separated from permission - manage tab)

Feature - New operator permissions - Clear log, edit user profile, change usergroup, change username, delete user

Feature - Clients now try to connect to last successful server ip address

Feature - Option to select client language from client's login screen

Feature - Delete hosts

Feature - Button to print / reprint invoices

Feature - Button to print / reprint deposit receipts

Feature - New time expiration notification option - minimize client windows

Feature - Lock/Unlock clients while offline

Feature - Improved client anti tampering security

2.0.251 (29/10/2018)

Fix - Remote desktop error on win 7 client OS

Fix - Random Manager crash on pay & disconnect actions

Fix - User sessions start date/time wrong

Feature - Added Spanish and Portuguese translations (Big thanks to Francisco Faure & Miguel Chagas)

2.0.250 (24/10/2018)

Feature - New operator permissions - (make deposits, make withdrawals, reset user password, login user from manager, enable user, disable user, hide shift counts)

Feature - Waiting line functionality.

Feature - Manager notification on login when license subscription is about to expire

Feature - Manager auto-update from local server

Feature - Number of clients ready/in use/ out of order in the Layout groups

Feature - Applications with no executables appear as "Coming Soon"

Feature - New power saving mode option - Sleep PC

Feature - Start menu button disable option (Material skin)

Feature - Option to make gizmo client menu stick - disable minimize (Material skin)

Feature - New API functions

Feature - Database reset standalone utility (delete all users, hosts and financial data)

Feature - Option to force update users' time balances on manager every minute

Feature - Guest group selection on advanced login screen

Feature - Sale window - red note user notification shortcut

Feature - Added "Host" column in sales - invoices for easier identification of past sale

Feature - Client optimization on loading game Cover images

Feature - Client interface - pc and customer name on interface

Fixed - User time not instantly updating on manager after sale of time offer with "expires at specific time after purchase" enabled

Fixed - User time not correct on manager with offers that expire sooner than the minutes remaining

Fixed - Material skin - Did not resize to accommodate windows taskbar position change

Fixed - PUF quota size applied as KB and not MB

Fixed - Delete button always active in Feeds

Fixed - PUF storable option not working

Fixed - RSS feed article date fix

Fixed - Client login failure if server storage path not valid or accessible

Fixed - Deployment profile order not honored during deployment

Fixed - Manager could login user to "out of order" hosts

Fixed - Hostgroup billing profile override not used during sale or time from deposits

Fixed - Manager crash with no printers present

Fixed - Sales - product description scrollbar

Fixed - Sales - Product bundles sales awarded individual product points on top of bundle points

2.0.201 (2/7/2018)

Feature - Added Russian translation.

Fixed - Apps on start page (Material) not scrollable

Fixed - Adding license keys caused DbException when saving

Fixed - User detail template show slot above the user picture

2.0.200 (28/6/2018)

Feature - New Skin (Material)

Feature - Homepage executable shortcuts (Material Skin)

Feature - Login page video/wallpaper rotator (Material Skin)

Feature - Option to launch executable using shell execute

Feature - User account - purchases now have paid/unpaid filters

Feature - Focus on corresponding Main window when switching Tabs in Manager

Feature - Semi-auto update of Gizmo Manager

Feature - New anti-tampering driver in client

Change - New usergroups have all allowed time sources enabled by default

Change - Skin folder on server is mirrored to client, deleting extra files

Change - Turn on & restart actions disabled for non PC hosts

Change - Error message now clearly states no connection to server

Change - Sales reports - Totals per category

Change - Added manual refresh for single client monitoring

Fixed - Turn off timeout in maintenance mode

Fixed - Rare crash when selecting an ended process in host management tab

Fixed - Error in price calculation of fixed time with multiples of presets

Fixed - Product category display order in Manager

Fixed - Snapshot of last monitored host on disconnected hosts

Fixed - Manual deployment error with destination path missing "\"

Fixed - "Allow credit" context menu checkmark icon sometimes not in sync

Fixed - Switching to disconnected PC in monitoring displayed invalid screenshot

Fixed - System variables used in deployments-source were resolved incorrectly under certain conditions

Fixed - In certain cases, clients failed to reconnect correctly after a server restart.

Fixed - Guest quick login with no billing profile did not prompt for "enable credit"

Fixed - Move host to hostgroup sometimes did not work

20.150 (6/3/2018)

Feature - Time offers - "expire after" resolution increased from 24 hour increment to 1 minute increment

Feature - Time offers - added "expire at specific time of day" option

Feature - Invoices - void functionality with optional refund in cash or as deposit

Feature - Invoices - partial payment of single invoice after initial purchase

Feature - Close balance - ability to fully pay subgroup of unpaid invoices

Feature - Computer & user list now displays time offer/fixed time/billing profile in use

Feature - User groups - deny login to specific computer groups

Feature - Host groups - override billing profile per usergroup

Feature - Summary reports - display voids and refunds in Summary report

Feature - Summary reports - print report

Feature - Shift reports - include refunds in cash to reports

Feature - New operator permission - void invoice

Feature - New operator permission - perform financial transactions (sell, deposit etc)

Feature - Per-usergroup allowed usages configuration

Feature - Temporary modify per-usergroup allowed usages for a specific user

Feature - Added VAT setting for fixed time sales

Feature - Added various API functions for game info retrieval

Change - Products paid with points do not award points to user anymore

Fixed - Non-logged in user time calculation now takes into account time offer expiration

Fixed - Removed invalid filter options in deposit and stock transactions

Fixed - Under certain conditions, billing may not switch from fixed time to available time offer

Fixed - Editing a time offer reset offer priority

Fixed - Move customer to host on different layout group

2.0.136 (13/11/2017)

Feature - Delete usergroup & move users to different group

Feature - Asset tracking

Feature - Auto invoice & auto pay from balance

Feature - Preconfigure report start time

Feature - Registry PUF single value backup/restore

Feature - Batch file execution for non-pc host control

Feature - Prompt for user personal info on new account creation

Feature - Configure age restriction per usergroup

Fixed - User logout while in maintenance mode black screen

Fixed - Move user with fixed time extends time

Fixed - Double click "PAY" button in POS double sells

Fixed - Reset user's personal info

User tab filter changes & advanced user search

Disable current operator lockout prevention

2.0.126 (28/7/2017)

Fixed - non clickable checkboxes.

Fixed - non clickable day-time ranges.

2.0.125 (20/7/2017)

Feature - Video playback on login screen

Feature - 1st guest group use for non host grouped hosts

Feature - Operator shift implementation

Feature - Shift report implementation

Feature - Summary report overhaul

Feature - Operator permissions implementation

Fixed - Missing icons in context menus

Fixed - Order history - pay with points display

Fixed - Application move to same subcategory

Fixed - Pay with points and "pay later" button

Fixed - Task display scroller

Fixed - Default guest group for host group Manager display

Loyalty points configuration validation

Numpad & comma behavior tweak

PUF deletion on user deletion

Various other small fixes & tweaks

2.0.110 (24/5/2017)

Guest account close balance merging fix

Endpoint with no host group & guests

2.0.109 (19/5/2017)

Monitor screen aspect ratio fix

Open guest icon in host list

Client interface - home window - top games

Disk mounter config settings - update presets

Add slot number in multislot hosts in graphical view

Manually login open guest to host

Deleted offers & older purchases

Multiple guest groups - default guest group per host group

Multi slot windows - Switching to user search

2.0.0 (15/5/2017)

Initial Release

Feature - New operator permission - Enter/Exit maintenance mode (separated from permission - manage tab)

Feature - Client now defaults to built in settings if skin's "config.json" is corrupt or missing

Change - Close balance now also checks in any assets

Feature - Added Brazilian Portuguese % Serbian in Manager

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