List of fixes and new features

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Feature - Web base client UI (Skin)
Feature - Support for USB CDC (virtual com) based barcode scanners
Feature - Allow some application such as On Screen Keyboard to come on top of client UI when no user is logged in

Change - Client startup improvements

Change - Client logging changes that improves troubleshooting and debugging

Change - New cursor based paging for v2 API endpoints
Change - Gizmo Client now only support x64 OS
Change - Filtering and Virtual drive drivers updates

2.0.700 (22/2/2023)

Feature - Optionally allow executing batch files for computer hosts

Feature - Automatic SMS fallback for flash calls when using SMS providers
Feature - Permission to allow manually turning endpoint hosts (Consoles)

Fix - Manager crashes when removing products from user order by using context menu

Fix - WOL does not work on some network equipment

Fix - Tinkoff callbacks fail to verify causing some online payments not to be processed 

2.0.691 (1/2/2023)

Fix - Fixed Tinkoff callback validation

2.0.690 (1/2/2023)

Feature - Added support for web sockets in order to improve usability in web and cloud based environments

Feature - Use default deployment assigned to executable in Manager manual deployment

Feature - Allow specifying  default line VAT in Tiknkoff payment provider options

Feature - 60 Seconds delay when sending SMS during registration

Fix - Non-Fiscal payment methods not honored when processing online payments causing receipts to be printed even when they should not be

Fix - Transactions report does not show online deposits

Fix - Multi host sales bug causing various problems

Fix - Allow mobile verification for phones with less than 10 numbers

Fix - Process filtering matches parts of executable names causing undesired processes to be matched by security filter an not being able to start
Fix - Its no longer possible to modify time products sale quantities in order to avoid problems with "From use expiration" when multiple time offers expire at same time (Client/Manager)

Fix - Tinkoff online payments don't work

2.0.651 (23/11/2022)

Fix - Web API v1 endpoints expect parameters in body instead of query

Fix - Client would not provide correct mac address when connecting through wireless network interfaces

2.0.650 (22/11/2022)

Feature - Added to API - Get users filtering by Smart card uid

Feature - Added option to display a QR code on client login for integration with custom mobile apps

Feature - API endpoint to monitor connected Gizmo companion apps (331)

Feature - Added password recovery for customers from the client interface

Feature - Added support for Flash call method for all supported providers (246)

Feature - Added built-in support for Red SMS / SMS Aero RU / SMSC RU providers (315, 326)

Feature - Added support for online payment of deposits from client (Stripe, Tinkoff & CloudPayments)

Feature - Implemented color coding of remaining time to HDMI Device LED strip

Change - Changes to email server settings now apply immediately (328)

Change - Client no longer terminates processes marked as critical during logout

Change - Reduced server memory usage during client update

Fix - HDMI device being unassigned from host on change of in/out order or lock state (333)

Fix - DB cleanup tool not cleaning payment intents table on user deletion (330)

Fix - Not prompting to enable credit in certain cases (319)

Fix - Showing wrong time left while credit was enabled (325)

2.0.620 (22/08/2022)

Change - Disabled server side batch actions for Linux builds (309)

Fix - Manager deployment showing wrong file size & percent (314)

Fix - Billing hanging on 1st fixed time purchase if more than 1 available (313)

Fix - Configuration tools asking for .net 6 install (312)

Fix - Manager failing to connect on Server 2016 OS (310)

Fix - Report engine emailing disabled addresses (301)

Fix - Automatic deployment failing with indirect access (311)

Fix - Overview report including deleted hosts and excluding open sessions (305, 306)

Fix - Unlimited time credit option did not check user flag state (308)

Fix - Autoinvoice failing if user balance negative

Fix - Void deposit action not rounding to second decimal

2.0.610 (27/07/2022)


Feature - Added Fiscal payment type for custom payment methods (299)

Feature - Gizmo Companion - Added option to auto disconnect from Fiscal Printer (298)

Feature - Added "Banned" filter option in users Tab & ban details in user's window (278)

Feature - Change customer password from client (280)

Feature - Added support for TLS & StartTLS in Server mail settings (285)

Feature - Added ability to tie specific license keys to hosts (281)

Feature - Added "save as pdf" button in web reports (275)

Feature - Autologin guests after deposit or time sale action (223)

Feature - New operator permissions - Void deposits & allow time credit (274)

Feature - Added "sales credit" and "total credit limit" to usergroups (270)

Feature - Customer EULA/TOS now presented upon first login (266)

Feature - Multiple Customer EULA/TOS agreements now possible (266)

Feature - Customer EULA/TOS optional acceptance (266)

Feature - Lock/unlock client interface by customer (265)

Change - Improved the AVG usage calculation in Overview report (284)

Change - Optimized Gizmo receipt layout to fit long product names (282)

Change - Log size is now capped to newest 1000 entries (279)

Change - Russian tax system - Single tax setup now allows use of deposits for products (271)

Change - "Allow credit" renamed to "Allow time credit" to differentiate from "Sales credit"

Change - Customer EULA/TOS now stored in DB and configured from Manager (266)

Change - Closing Balance no longer requires "View unpaid invoices" permission (263)

Fix - Rare issue after DB clean and shift numbering

Fix - Web reports - shift report links not working if shift shorter than 1 minute

Fix - Smartlaunch importer failure on deleted products

Fix - HDMI device not turning off on customer move action (276)

Fix - Waiting lines bug causing excessive DB usage

Fix - Gizmo filter driver conflict with filter driver apps (MS UWF, Reboot Restore RX)

2.0.590 (11/05/2022)

Feature - Added X report print command for Fiscal Printers

Feature - Logout grace period to refill customer time (261)

Feature - Companion app now supports 32bit OS

Change - Companion app setup switch to .exe from .msi

Fix - Shift reports not fitting in PDF (260)

Fix - Delay when logging in users from manager during peak use (262)

Fix - Fiscal receipt not issued for session time during close balance action

2.0.582 (29/04/2022)

Change - Client skin option - Hide ratings now also hides top rated games in Home Page

Fix - Manager - Open shift reports not working if no pay in/out transactions exist (257)

Fix - Personal drive not working since 2.0.580 (258)

Fix - Report emailing not working since 2.0.580 (259)

2.0.580 (27/04/2022)

Feature - New API endpoints for Client Orders

Feature - New operator permissions - Modify billing options (241)

Feature - New operator permissions - Create user

Feature - Support for upcoming console controller device (249)

Feature - Client login with mobile phone number as username (234,237,250,251,256)

Feature - Payment methods in withdraw action (252)

Feature - Void deposit action (252)

Feature - New client skin options - Hide app filters/ratings/info (253)

Feature - Added "from" & "to" date in Manager - Log filters (255)

Feature - Added full support for Russian Tax system and Fiscal printers (Atol & ШТРИХ-ON-LINE)

Change - Disabling "Fixed time" in usergroup billing options now disables "Fixed time" buttons in POS (242)

Change - Time offers in orders are automatically marked delivered upon order accept

Fix - Server using cached credentials when authorizing licenses (244)

Fix - Stock reports showing deleted products (231)

Fix - Translations are now used for payment methods in orders drawer (256)

Fix - DB cleanup error when deleting products with hidden host properties (210,248)

Fix - "Force user balance reprocess" option not working after .net 5 update

2.0.561 (01/11/2021)

Fix - Gizmo Service not starting on first time setups

2.0.560 (20/10/2021)


1. SERVER IS 64bit ONLY! - A 64bit OS IS REQUIRED for Gizmo Server

2. Clients require .Net 4.7.2 framework

Feature - Withdraw receipts

Feature - Added Product cost and Total cost columns to Web Reports - Financial Report

Feature - Multi host selection - multi guest login and group deposit

Feature - New operator permissions - Make Pay ins/outs

Feature - Client now resolves variables used in skin's .json configuration file

Feature - Added Italian & Arabic translations to Manager

Feature - Added Italian translation to client

Change - Migrated Gizmo Server to .Net 6 (64bit OS mandatory)

Fix - Manager POS showing out of stock warnings for deleted products

Fix - Pay ins/outs missing in Web Reports - Financial Report (Detailed)

Fix - Translations of built-in payment methods not used in Web reports

Fix - Added checks to report emailing entries

Fix - Added error message when accepting a customer order with insufficient deposits

Fix - Issue with db restore and invalid DB connection string

Fix - Added "points" payment method to Manager - orders drawer

2.0.510 (01/07/2021)

Feature - Option to withhold deposits if already used for session time

Change - Client automatically logs out non-adminstrator window accounts

Change - Client configuration moved to "Local Machine" registry Hive

Change - Client configuration deleted from registry on uninstall

Change - Increased client anti-termination protection

Fix - Server creating guest user PUF folders when moving guests

Fix - Client Youtube playback

Fix - Configuration wizard - Manage Service not always working with UAC enabled

Fix - Client sometimes restarting immediately after disable

Fix - Client service not always exiting when terminating client

Fix - Client service now handles switching between windows users

Fix - Paying after switching away from "custom" payment method still used "custom" payment method

Fix - Server not always using correct interface to advertise availability to clients

Fix - Server not always using correct interface for WOL packets

Fix - Receipt editor not honoring selected language in Manager

Fix - Recording wrong app launch time in application stats

Fix - Client loosing track of monitored apps in some cases

Fix - Client causing explorer.exe crashing loop in windows 20H2

2.0.490 (31/05/2021)

Feature - New operator permissions - View past day/paid invoices

Feature - New operator permissions - Void other operator/past day/closed shift/used time invoices

Feature - New operator permissions - View stock control/stock changes

Feature - New operator permissions - View deposit transactions

Feature - New operator permissions - View pay ins/outs

Feature - New operator permissions - Access Manage Tab - Processes/files/tasks

Feature - New operator permissions - View/Manage waiting lines

Feature - New operator permissions - Access Log Tab

Feature - Added "unit price" and "VAT%" options in receipt editor

Feature - Option to automatically re-login active sessions after abnormal Client restart

Feature - Option to logout customer from PC if disconnected for more than x seconds

Feature - Added new language in Web reports - Portuguese (Brazil)

Change - Added Asset number in Asset reports

Change - Auto invoice can now be set to 0 - invoice immediately on logout

Change - if auto-invoice and auto-pay is enabled, manually closing balance auto-pays the invoiced session

Change - Invoices for session time now include the last PC used

Change - Client will no longer set windows shell to explorer.exe in registry

Fix - Refund to other than cash did not show correctly during shift closing

Fix - Manager - Voids without refund had wrong date in refund date column

Fix - Scheduled tasks (report emails, backups) stop working after prolonged server operation

Fix - Issue with + character in Gizmo account password

Fix - Switch to WinRT speech synthesis APIs - Time left notification voice now supports other Languages

Fix - "Allow Credit" option being erroneously enabled in certain cases of Multi-guest login

Fix - Web - Session Reports not missing "move to pc" info when filtering a specific host

Fix - Failure to re-install Gizmo as service (simple mode) after renaming Server PC

Fix - UWF maintenance mode (Win 10 enterprise) not working after Gizmo client installation

2.0.480 (13/04/2021)

Feature - Manager - Added payment method column in Sales - Invoices

Feature - Manager - Added payment method filter in Sales - Invoices

Feature - Manager - Added payments & voids/refunds in invoice details

Feature - Added check for invalid characters in PUF and User Names

Feature - Report e-mailing now uses "Business Name" as sender name

Feature - Added sorting options for products in client shop

Feature - Multi user selection - ban/unban/Billing options/logout/reset password & info

Feature - Multi host selection - logout

Feature - New built-in variables

Feature - Added multiple time left notifications

Feature - Automatic use of deposits for partial payment

Feature - Added option to hide product from Client Shop

Feature - Added background color to custom icons

Feature - Added default action on new user creation

Feature - Added pay in/out notes to web reports - Transactions Report

Feature - Added client order notes to web reports - Orders Report

Feature - Added maintenance mode action to Manager log

Change - A number of small improvements in Client Shop

Change - Increased client anti-termination protection

Change - Advanced login - Dropdown menu now only shows valid guest groups

Change - Empty product groups now hidden in manager POS

Change - Changed "Chrome download" security permission disabling method

Fix - Session counter of pending sessions start from 0 on manager login

Fix - Product Log - Wrong date on returned items

Fix - Client orders with 0 price sum appeared unpaid in Manager

Fix - Re-activated "fixed time" import from SL DB in importer tool

Fix - App statistics not always being recorded

Fix - Asset report incorrectly naming guests

Fix - A number of small bugs in Manager

Fix - Manager CTD when navigating invoices with keyboard arrows

Fix - Manager error when adding multiple tasks to an exe at once

Fix - Minecraft (java) Mojang License management

Fix - Re-printed invoices showing custom payment methods as "unknown"

Fix - Client service start failure on 32bit OS due to bad Token privileges

2.0.456 (03/02/2021)

Change - Overview report - Pay ins/outs removed from Revenue total and added to Financial Total

Fix - Error when changing operator credit option to multiple usergroups

Fix - API - Error when ordering bundles containing time offers

Fix - Stock Management - Inability to set stock in bundles

Fix - Server not using user defined PFX certificates

2.0.450 (20/01/2021)

Feature - Multi host selection - multi guest login and group sale

Feature - Shift reports - Added duration/expected/difference totals

Feature - New security permission - Block Google chrome downloads

Feature - New manager language - French

Feature - Installers are now digitally signed

Change - Bundle's stock now based on bundled product's stock (if stock enabled)

Fix - Gizmo Server Configuration Wizard not decrypting account password from json

Fix - Advanced user search not working with phone numbers

Fix - Service installation failure (simple mode) on new DBs

Fix - Service installation failure (simple mode) due to password complexity requirements

Fix - Error in Reports when including empty invoices

Fix - Invoice reports showing incorrect bundle item quantities

Fix - Error in points calculation in Top user Report

Fix - Client login screen resize upon client resolution change

Fix - Client side sms validation appending 00 prefix

Fix - New user creation inability to select usergroup from Sales tab

Fix - Youtube playback on client interface

Fix - АТОЛ 30Ф fiscal printer not being detected by Manager

Fix - Manager POS - Products use 1st available VAT when no VAT is configured

Fix - Manager now hides bundles and products with "target different" enabled from "target different" list in other products

2.0.411 (12/11/2020)

MANUALLY UPDATE GIZMO MANAGER (if upgrading from version ≤2.0.382)

Fix - Service installation failure (simple mode) with usergroup containing cyrillic characters

Fix - Gizmo Client not loading under certain conditions

2.0.410 (05/11/2020)

Feature - "Exact match" option added to advanced user search

Feature - Modify product price during sale

Feature - New operator permission - Modify price

Feature - Stock Alert icons in Sales window

Feature - "Duplicate executable" function inside Application

Feature - Sales Tab - Product prices are now recalculated when switching users

Feature - Tools - Asset checkouts - double clicking entry opens user's asset window

Feature - Configurable default action on customer RFID scan

Feature - Option to add RFID card during new user creation

Feature - Added experimental support for АТОЛ 30Ф fiscal printer

Feature - Gizmo Service installation easy mode

Change - New executable selection screen for multi-exe apps

Change - Quick launch/favorites bar redesign

Change - Gizmo license password is stored encrypted in json

Fix - Youtube video playback

Fix - PDF reports error when windows user contained ascii characters

Fix - During manual user login to host, user time now compensates for host group properties

Fix - Sales Tab - Bundles - Payment method toggle button (points/money) was missing

Fix - Sales Tab - Usergroup custom price "and/or" setting was not honored

Fix - Failure to login to Web reports with Google Chrome

Fix - Money to time calculation with certain step based & loop conditions

Fix - Pay ins-outs crash when shift is optional

Fix - Issue with offline authorization from license file

Fix - Various API fixes

Fix - Invalid SMS country codes numbers for some countries

Fix - Deployment fixes regarding already deployed profiles

Fix - Automatic deployment incorrectly calculating required disk space on partially deployed apps

2.0.401 (15/07/2020)

Fix - Installer does not overwrite server files

Fix - Client Brazilian language not included in setup

Fix - Manager wrong Brazilian language is used

Fix - Remote Desktop not fully functional

2.0.400 (14/07/2020)

Feature - Added footer in receipt template

Feature - Added "password" column to import from excel

Feature - Added operator permission - Access API

Feature - License Agreement when registering new account from client pc & web

Feature - Pay in-out

Feature - Added Brazilian Portuguese & Serbian in Manager

Feature - Added Brazilian Portuguese in Client

Change - User info selected in usergroup is now required during signup

Change - Updated BaseLmPlugin.dll to latest version

Change - Changed DB import tool timeout from 30 seconds to 10 minutes

Change - Backup now also backups the "templates" folder

Change - Close balance now also checks in any assets

Change - Operator permission "change usergroup" now also blocks changing usergroup during new user creation

Change - Deletion of the last Layout profile is now disabled

Fix - Client side ordering of bundles also awarding points of included products

Fix - Validation of Product and Layout Group names during creation

Fix - A number of API endpoint descriptions were wrong

Fix - Stock control - Target different - Product stock still showed target different stock when option disabled

Fix - Client interface not loading with "No exports were found..." error message

Fix - Manager reloaded default json when testing for server status on login screen

Fix - Manager - client disconnect notification sound always used default sound

Fix - Manager not loading latest License Management DLL

Fix - Import from excel failed with "read access" error

Fix - Import from excel did not import e-mail addresses

Fix - Import from Smartlaunch dropped existing Gizmo DB

Fix - A number of missing translations

Fix - Changed API command for points award & redeem

Fix - New API command to get user info with username

Fix - Financial report link in shift reports not showing voided invoices with different creation register

2.0.382 (11/03/2020)

Change - Server settings - Bind address and Multicast Ip address are now read-only to prevent misconfiguration

Fix - Youtube playback failure on certain youtube videos

Fix - Client image resources missing

Fix - Booking - advanced search - crash when entering characters in booking ID field

Fix - Missing translations in receipt editor tool

Fix - Printer-connected cash drawers did not eject when paying invoice via user window - purchase Tab

2.0.380 (10/03/2020)

Feature - Reservations (Beta)

Feature - Automatic daily/weekly/monthly e-mailing of reports

Feature - Manual sorting of products in POS interface

Feature - Using a newer manager now prompts to uninstall and install correct version

Feature - Executable path in Applications is now automatically filled, if left empty

Feature - "Add user" Button in users tab

Feature - New operator permission - View user stats tab

Feature - Manager configuration - Language option

Feature - Manager configuration - Sound notifications for user logout & client disconnect

Feature - Manager configuration - User search fields

Feature - Manager configuration - new user - Ask for user details

Feature - Manager login screen - Server status

Feature - Server and client version in Manager - help - about

Feature - Command line options added to Gizmo Manager

Feature - Gizmo Service Configuration Wizard redesign

Feature - Manual backup/restore functionality

Feature - Server option to enable/disable user registration via web form

Feature - Skin editor

Feature - Sale and deposit receipt editor

Feature - Live status of Checked out Assets

Feature - New license management type - Riot launcher

Feature - Void - Refund - refund method can now be selected

Feature - Importer now supports importing user data from Excel file

Feature - Client now defaults to built in settings if "config.json" file is malformed or missing from skin folder

Feature - Server now generates "config.json" if file is missing from skin folder

Fix - Close balance action did not check if "deposits" was a valid payment method for Manager

Fix - Withdraw action - incorrectly allowed the selection of payment type

Fix - Host reports did not accurately reflect user move

Fix - User info request on client - date preset changed from 1/1/0001 to current date

Fix - Hostgroup billing profile override was not used when checking user balance on login

Fix - User stats - total sales - bundles were calculated incorrectly

Fix - Youtube video playback on client was broken due to youtube changes

Fix - Executable's icon did not retain transparency

Fix - Billing profile - step based Billing profiles with no steps resulted in failure to calculate customer time

Fix - Login/logout animation issue introduced in 2.0.350

Fix - PC Turn on keyboard shortcut not working

Fix - Stock control reporting 0 stock if more than 100 products were monitored

Fix - Customer self registration from web did not store birthdate

Fix - Client - running processes termination optimizations

Fix - Client failing to autostart after reboot on win7

Fix - Launching same app second time asked to terminate running apps

Fix - Added vertical scroller to tasks-scripts

Fix - Web report - Overview did not correctly calculate unique member visits

Fix - Web report - Host report - detailed did not exclude deleted hosts

Fix - Customer image no longer distorted

Fix - Product/time offer "end date" in Availability settings is now included in valid dates

2.0.350 (27/11/2019)

Feature - Usergroup option - disable login from Manager

Feature - User account - New tab "Stats"

Feature - Client-side new account creation with optional SMS or email verification

Feature - Web portal new account creation with optional SMS or email verification

Feature - All payment methods are now countable during shift close

Feature - Manager - Sound notification on new client order

Feature - Restrict launching of more than 1 executable at a time

Feature - Automatic daily backup of Gizmo DB and service.json file

Feature - New Operator permission - Open cash drawer

Feature - New Web reports (Asset, Shift, Invoice, Z, Session, Application and License reports)

Feature - New Web report (User export)

Feature - Web reports - Dynamic linking between reports

Feature - Orders are automatically paid on order accept when payment method is "Deposits"

Feature - New skin parameter - hide active applications

Change - Change API documentation tool

Fix - Client interface login/logout animation sometimes hanged

Fix - Registry tasks did not correctly handle "\" character

Fix - Added extra security to task manager for client

Fix - Order's preferred payment was not selected by default when paying order

Fix - Operator permission "manual user login" did not apply on waiting lines - Login button

Fix - Registry import during manual deployment did not work

Fix - Disabling payment method - Points for an Operator was not honored

Fix - Disabling payment method - Points blocked sale of items with "OR points price"

Fix - Operators without the "pay later" permission cannot complete orders unless they are fully paid

Fix - All custom rates in a billing profile appeared with the same color code

Fix - Deposit/withdraw permission not being applied on hosts' contextual menu

Fix - Client POS displayed the default bundle price, and not the usergoup's

Fix - User contextual menu did not properly reflect "allow credit" status when enabled by default in usergroup

Fix - Date use limitation on time offers was not being honored

Fix - Product daytime sale restriction did not apply on client POS if no time slots were selected

Fix - Void action subtracted loyalty points from account even if they had not been awarded yet

Fix - Refund action did not refund all payments

Fix - "Access management" permission still controlled access to maintenance mode, even though there is a separate permission

Fix - Server sometimes did not fallback to cached subscription after failing to verify subscription online

Fix - Security profile option "Disable command prompt" did not work

Fix - Award points were wrongly given when purchasing & paying with points from the Client

Fix - Overview Report - Erroneous statistics when the duration of the report was less than 24 hours

Fix - Overview Report - Changed calculation method of the avg daily member/guest visit time

2.0.300 (8/5/2019)

Change - Default skin no longer supported. Material skin now used exclusively

Change - removed function - module - terminate

Change - Significant client start-up time improvement

Change - Client, Manager & Server memory optimizations

Change - Reboot/shutdown client keyboard shortcut now works only on login screen & maintenance mode

Fix - Client not starting on boot under certain conditions

Fix - Increased maximum length of windows username in Gizmo service setup

Fix - Printed receipts did not use OS currency symbol

Fix - Security option "disable command prompt" blocked task manager instead

Fix - Restore hostnames function did not work

Fix - "Quick login guest" action failed to enable credit when credit was enabled by default

Fix - Voiding invoices did not refund payments in points

Fix - Voiding invoices did not subtract any awarded points from customer

Fix - Reports - products did not scroll correctly

Fix - Removed obsolete security permissions

Fix - User detail window resized to better accommodate data

Fix - Rfid support while in user search window

Fix - Manager now checks current stock level against item count of order

Fix - Changing Personal storage drive letter did not work

Fix - Voided items still appeared in sales reports

Fix - User's gender did not always update

Fix - Issue with selling to reserved guests from the host slot window with no default guest

Fix - Deleting a host group without first clearing it from hosts produced an error when double clicking affected hosts

Fix - Web service silently failed in some setups due to misconfigured dependencies

Feature - Ordering Module in client interface - Order items directly from client

Feature - BETA - Web based reports

Feature - Sticky desktop now also disables "show desktop" taskbar button

Feature - High-rez thumbnails for youtube videos now used

Feature - Payment method(s) used for deposits now show on transaction list

Feature - Epic games launcher license plugin

Feature - New columns in users tab - First Name, Last name, User creation date, User Age

Feature - User info in User tab: Total selected users, banned users, Deleted users

Feature - New security permissions - Disable - control panel / right click on taskbar / right click on files & folders

Feature - New operator permissions - Enter/Exit maintenance mode (separated from permission - manage tab)

Feature - New operator permissions - Clear log, edit user profile, change usergroup, change username, delete user

Feature - Clients now try to connect to last successful server ip address

Feature - Option to select client language from client's login screen

Feature - Delete hosts

Feature - Button to print / reprint invoices

Feature - Button to print / reprint deposit receipts

Feature - New time expiration notification option - minimize client windows

Feature - Lock/Unlock clients while offline

Feature - Improved client anti tampering security

2.0.251 (29/10/2018)

Fix - Remote desktop error on win 7 client OS

Fix - Random Manager crash on pay & disconnect actions

Fix - User sessions start date/time wrong

Feature - Added Spanish and Portuguese translations (Big thanks to Francisco Faure & Miguel Chagas)

2.0.250 (24/10/2018)

Feature - New operator permissions - (make deposits, make withdrawals, reset user password, login user from manager, enable user, disable user, hide shift counts)

Feature - Waiting line functionality.

Feature - Manager notification on login when license subscription is about to expire

Feature - Manager auto-update from local server

Feature - Number of clients ready/in use/ out of order in the Layout groups

Feature - Applications with no executables appear as "Coming Soon"

Feature - New power saving mode option - Sleep PC

Feature - Start menu button disable option (Material skin)

Feature - Option to make gizmo client menu stick - disable minimize (Material skin)

Feature - New API functions

Feature - Database reset standalone utility (delete all users, hosts and financial data)

Feature - Option to force update users' time balances on manager every minute

Feature - Guest group selection on advanced login screen

Feature - Sale window - red note user notification shortcut

Feature - Added "Host" column in sales - invoices for easier identification of past sale

Feature - Client optimization on loading game Cover images

Feature - Client interface - pc and customer name on interface

Fixed - User time not instantly updating on manager after sale of time offer with "expires at specific time after purchase" enabled

Fixed - User time not correct on manager with offers that expire sooner than the minutes remaining

Fixed - Material skin - Did not resize to accommodate windows taskbar position change

Fixed - PUF quota size applied as KB and not MB

Fixed - Delete button always active in Feeds

Fixed - PUF storable option not working

Fixed - RSS feed article date fix

Fixed - Client login failure if server storage path not valid or accessible

Fixed - Deployment profile order not honored during deployment

Fixed - Manager could login user to "out of order" hosts

Fixed - Hostgroup billing profile override not used during sale or time from deposits

Fixed - Manager crash with no printers present

Fixed - Sales - product description scrollbar

Fixed - Sales - Product bundles sales awarded individual product points on top of bundle points

2.0.201 (2/7/2018)

Feature - Added Russian translation.

Fixed - Apps on start page (Material) not scrollable

Fixed - Adding license keys caused DbException when saving

Fixed - User detail template show slot above the user picture

2.0.200 (28/6/2018)

Feature - New Skin (Material)

Feature - Homepage executable shortcuts (Material Skin)

Feature - Login page video/wallpaper rotator (Material Skin)

Feature - Option to launch executable using shell execute

Feature - User account - purchases now have paid/unpaid filters

Feature - Focus on corresponding Main window when switching Tabs in Manager

Feature - Semi-auto update of Gizmo Manager

Feature - New anti-tampering driver in client

Change - New usergroups have all allowed time sources enabled by default

Change - Skin folder on server is mirrored to client, deleting extra files

Change - Turn on & restart actions disabled for non PC hosts

Change - Error message now clearly states no connection to server

Change - Sales reports - Totals per category

Change - Added manual refresh for single client monitoring

Fixed - Turn off timeout in maintenance mode

Fixed - Rare crash when selecting an ended process in host management tab

Fixed - Error in price calculation of fixed time with multiples of presets

Fixed - Product category display order in Manager

Fixed - Snapshot of last monitored host on disconnected hosts

Fixed - Manual deployment error with destination path missing "\"

Fixed - "Allow credit" context menu checkmark icon sometimes not in sync

Fixed - Switching to disconnected PC in monitoring displayed invalid screenshot

Fixed - System variables used in deployments-source were resolved incorrectly under certain conditions

Fixed - In certain cases, clients failed to reconnect correctly after a server restart.

Fixed - Guest quick login with no billing profile did not prompt for "enable credit"

Fixed - Move host to hostgroup sometimes did not work

20.150 (6/3/2018)

Feature - Time offers - "expire after" resolution increased from 24 hour increment to 1 minute increment

Feature - Time offers - added "expire at specific time of day" option

Feature - Invoices - void functionality with optional refund in cash or as deposit

Feature - Invoices - partial payment of single invoice after initial purchase

Feature - Close balance - ability to fully pay subgroup of unpaid invoices

Feature - Computer & user list now displays time offer/fixed time/billing profile in use

Feature - User groups - deny login to specific computer groups

Feature - Host groups - override billing profile per usergroup

Feature - Summary reports - display voids and refunds in Summary report

Feature - Summary reports - print report

Feature - Shift reports - include refunds in cash to reports

Feature - New operator permission - void invoice

Feature - New operator permission - perform financial transactions (sell, deposit etc)

Feature - Per-usergroup allowed usages configuration

Feature - Temporary modify per-usergroup allowed usages for a specific user

Feature - Added VAT setting for fixed time sales

Feature - Added various API functions for game info retrieval

Change - Products paid with points do not award points to user anymore

Fixed - Non-logged in user time calculation now takes into account time offer expiration

Fixed - Removed invalid filter options in deposit and stock transactions

Fixed - Under certain conditions, billing may not switch from fixed time to available time offer

Fixed - Editing a time offer reset offer priority

Fixed - Move customer to host on different layout group

2.0.136 (13/11/2017)

Feature - Delete usergroup & move users to different group

Feature - Asset tracking

Feature - Auto invoice & auto pay from balance

Feature - Preconfigure report start time

Feature - Registry PUF single value backup/restore

Feature - Batch file execution for non-pc host control

Feature - Prompt for user personal info on new account creation

Feature - Configure age restriction per usergroup

Fixed - User logout while in maintenance mode black screen

Fixed - Move user with fixed time extends time

Fixed - Double click "PAY" button in POS double sells

Fixed - Reset user's personal info

User tab filter changes & advanced user search

Disable current operator lockout prevention

2.0.126 (28/7/2017)

Fixed - non clickable checkboxes.

Fixed - non clickable day-time ranges.

2.0.125 (20/7/2017)

Feature - Video playback on login screen

Feature - 1st guest group use for non host grouped hosts

Feature - Operator shift implementation

Feature - Shift report implementation

Feature - Summary report overhaul

Feature - Operator permissions implementation

Fixed - Missing icons in context menus

Fixed - Order history - pay with points display

Fixed - Application move to same subcategory

Fixed - Pay with points and "pay later" button

Fixed - Task display scroller

Fixed - Default guest group for host group Manager display

Loyalty points configuration validation

Numpad & comma behavior tweak

PUF deletion on user deletion

Various other small fixes & tweaks

2.0.110 (24/5/2017)

Guest account close balance merging fix

Endpoint with no host group & guests

2.0.109 (19/5/2017)

Monitor screen aspect ratio fix

Open guest icon in host list

Client interface - home window - top games

Disk mounter config settings - update presets

Add slot number in multislot hosts in graphical view

Manually login open guest to host

Deleted offers & older purchases

Multiple guest groups - default guest group per host group

Multi slot windows - Switching to user search

2.0.0 (15/5/2017)

Initial Release

Feature - New operator permission - Enter/Exit maintenance mode (separated from permission - manage tab)

Feature - Client now defaults to built in settings if skin's "config.json" is corrupt or missing

Change - Close balance now also checks in any assets

Feature - Added Brazilian Portuguese % Serbian in Manager

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