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1. Why do some customers have infinite ∞ time?

Gizmo client interface always displays time until user logout. If a customer shows ∞ time, it means he has infinite time. This can happen for 2 reasons:

  • User credit is enabled for the user. If you enabled "allow credit" by mistake, disable it (right click - allow credit).
  • User's usergroup has a billing profile with 0$ /hour. Check the billing profile you configured in the usergroup settings.

2. Why are customers not being logged out after their pre-paid time has been used?

Again, the most common reason is the option "allow credit" which allows the user to play and pay at the end. Make sure you haven't enabled it by mistake in the usergroup - credit tab.

Another reason would be a billing profile configured at 0$ / hour. Make sure you have the correct billing profile selected inside usergroup settings and that it is not being overridden by a host group setting

3. Why doesn't Gizmo use a time offer i sold?

If Gizmo does not use an offer, or uses a different offer than the one it is supposed to, that could be because:

If no time offers are being used, make sure that the customer usergroup does not have time offers disabled

4. What is the billing order in Gizmo?

Gizmo always uses any available time offers first. An offer is "available" if it can be used by the customer's usergroup, current pc group and date/time restrictions.

If no time offer is available, gizmo will then use fixed time that has been purchased.

Lastly it will use the user's deposits.

The order described above cannot be changed, but the owner can completely disable the use of any of the three (time offers, fixed time, deposits) from the usergroup settings

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