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Windows Desktop & central Hub united

Make clients feel at home.

Complete access to windows desktop and it's features. The look and feel of Gizmo’s shell matches that of Window’s Desktop, making it easier for users to familiarise with the software . Do not worry though; you will not lose the ease of presenting your applications and games your clients have grown accustomed to. Gizmo provides a centralized hub from where all of you applications and games can be viewed, searched and launched.

Keep your Games and apps organized with the ability to create infinite number of categories and sub categories. Search through your game library not only using name but with matching tags too. Group executables under the same application using the multiple executables feature. View game trailers and reviews with Youtube video Support

And of course there are other features that you gain benefit. Most used applications, Top and Latest games, news (including RSS support), all make it easier for you to promote products and notify users of new additions. A rating system also allows you and your users to automotically promote most popular games in your café.

Let’s not forget the high level of customization that can be achieved with Gizmo Skin, allowing you to create a unique identity for your business.

Personal Storage 

Give customers the space they need

Don’t you wish you could create a personal drive for your VIP customers with a predefined size (quota), without having to mess around with batch files, system permissions and windows os limitations? Gizmo allows you just that.

With Gizmo you can offer your users a secure and easy-to-access personal storage. Unlike Smartlaunch file backup system, Gizmo is not NFS based but implemented as a Virtual File System. This allows you to provide storage to the user as a normal hard drive. It also removes any need for shares and user accounts on your Server machine, eliminating the security risks involved with using the same user account from different machines. Personal Storage can even redirect common user’s folders such as “My Documents” and Users’ Desktop, to a network location, thus allowing the user’s profile to roam on any machine in your café

Personal User Files

Save customers' game progress/addons/settings hassle free

Gizmo’s puf system is fully compatible with Smartlaunch’s, allowing for a smooth transition. With Gizmo, personal user files and all operations are more stable and faster, users have direct & easy access to them with shortcuts (optional) and can even backup their profile to external hard drives or flash disks*.

Powerful filtering system enables you to save only those user files that you need, and even select individual compression quality in order to minimize server disk usage.

Application Deployment

Installation on Demand made easy

Wouldn’t you like to have all your games and application in one place? Install new software on a client and easily copy it to the rest? Keep older games on a file server and never again delete them just to make room for newer?

Well, Gizmo enables you to do just that. Host your games and applications on any file server and Gizmo will deploy them to your Client computers dynamically when needed. Update your server copy and let Gizmo synchronize any differences automatically. Of course you can always manually deploy them, even using Multicast data distribution. And to top that, Gizmo will clean the hard drive when it runs out of space by deleting less used applications.

Custom tasks & Notifications

Inform, warn & guide customers with pop up notifications

Let's face it, some games are hard even to launch and customers rarely bother reading your notes on the game's description. With custom notifications you can notify the customer about a game's launch procedure, put up a temporary virtual "sign" that a game's server is temporarily down for maintenance or even welcome them with a popup note on this week's offers! Custom tasks on the other hand allow you to launch a pre-made script or executable at specific points of a game's launch routine enabling you to automate even the hardest of them

License Management

Use game licenses to the full

Gizmo License management system is plugin-based, making the procedure of supporting new applications easier and faster. Gizmo already supports all the fundamental License Management schemes like Process, Registry or Maximum application Instances and of course Steam, Origin, Uplay, Battle.Net, Epic & more! Automatic release of license when customer exits the game, no more held up licenses due to launchers running minimized!

Statistics & Reports

Keep a close eye on your store's performance

Gain access to 16 different reports. Financial, product, application, licenses and much more. See every aspect of your store performance with accompanying graphs.

Client Management

Take direct control of your pcs.

Manage all of your clients with Remote Process Monitoring, File Management and Screen Monitoring. View and kill processes and hanged games straight from the server, check if customer is running anything suspicious, copy files directly from the client to Server without sharing folders and more.

Single-click task creation - based on Client processes - can greatly improve your Game Center operation and simplify execution of common tasks. Gizmo also allows the use of a wide range of scripting languages like Batch, Visual Basic and Autoit, all stored inside the Gizmo database. No more sharing folders full of batch scripts. Gizmo automatically creates and executes them on client - on demand.

Customer ordering

Your customers can order from the comfort of their seat

Gizmo client includes an e-shop module. You can display all your products and offers. Let your customers order directly from their PC, and even pay with their deposits or points for time offers.

Complete POS

Sell everything from one software.

Gizmo manager includes a full blown touch compatible POS interface to sell your items from. No need to go back and forth between customers and products, you can find, sell and close balances all from a single screen.

Easy Integration

Migrate in a blink of an eye.

Gizmo includes a smartlaunch importer that will move all your customer's purchases straight to Gizmo's database. Products, billing profiles and time offers all we be imported for immediate use.

And if you are using GGleap, we can help you import your data too!

64Bit Server & Client Architecture

Unleash the full potential of your hardware & OS

You invested in 64bit OS and hardware and you want to see your client pcs flying! Are you still going to use that old 32bit software designed for windows 2000/xp? Of course not! Gizmo is designed from the ground up to take advantage of all the latest and greatest features of Windows 10. True 64bit application architecture ensures that our software always utilises your system resources correctly. Do not let those Gb of Ram go to waste!

Total Support

We WANT you to call us!

No ticket or e-mail remains unanswered! You find it, we fix it. Want to call us? Sure, why not. Want us to remote connect to your server and see what's wrong? If we cannot figure it out through a ticket, we will do it. Tell us what features you want and we will do our best to implement them! See how it feels to have a team covering your back all the time.

Additional Features

  • Screen Resolution Independent
  • Multilanguage support for Client
  • Diskless Support - out of the box
  • Windows Presentation Foundation Based UI - strong foundation for future expansions
  • Enhanced Security Mechanisms
  • Point award system with cashback
  • Employee shift tracking

Upcoming Features

  • Full media Library (Videos, photos, links etc)
  • Game Server Browser

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