Game accounts with multiple games and license management

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It is highly recommended to purchase a single game under each game account (steam origin etc).

The reason being that, a game account can only be logged in from one location at a time. That means, while a customer is playing one of the games, all other games in that account cannot be used by other users.

If, however, you have accounts with multiple games, you should group them in the following way:

  1. Group accounts into license profiles based on games they contain. For example:
    If you have 5 accounts with the same 3 games purchased, group them into a single license profile. If you have another account with the same 3 games plus an extra one, add the account into a new license profile.
    In order to make the most out of the accounts, a license profile should always contain accounts with the same games.
    NEVER add the same account twice, either inside the same licence profile or in a different one. Each account must appear only inside one license profile.
  2. For each game, click "licenses" and select from the drop down menu all license profiles that contain accounts for the game. First add the profiles containing accounts with few games, then add the profiles with the larger number of games. For example:
    If you have an account pool with accounts that have only "PUBG" purchased, and another pool with accounts that have "PUBG" and "Call of duty" Purchased, add the first pool first.
  3. Make sure the option "First available" is checked

Gizmo will take the first available account, starting from the first pool. This will leave the accounts that can be used on other games as the last option.

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