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Gizmo HDMI controller is a custom hardware solution developed by us for controlling any HDMI capable device, directly from Gizmo app.

  • It works by cutting off the HDMI signal from the source device (Playstation, Xbox etc) to the monitor (TV, Projector etc)
  • Additionally, it sends a turn off commands to all connected devices, via the SEC protocol.
  • 2 GPIO ports are also available for connecting led strip and relay

Device specifications:

1 x ESP32 controller chip

1 x HDMI (type A) input port

1 x HDMI (type A) output port

1 x Ethernet port (100MBit with passive PoE support)

1 x Wifi 2,4GHz (b,g,n)

2 x 3pin GPIO ports (JST XH) for Addressable LED and/or relay control

*1 x USB C-Type port (for Power supply only)

Power LED

Status LED

Reset switch

*Power supply not included


  • The device supports connecting 1 HDMI source device and 1 HDMI output device.
  • Network connectivity is provided via an ethernet port (supports passive PoE 12-24V), or via the Wifi interface.
  • GPIO pins are available for external device connection (Addressable RGB LED, relays, custom devices)

Device features:

  • Block/unblock the HDMI signal between the source and display device.
  • Send commands to both source and display devices via CEC protocol (turn on/off, switch input source, mute etc).*
  • Power and control a multi coloured Addressable LED strip using the included GPIO pins
  • Activate or deactivate a relay using the onboard GPIO port
  • Detect disconnects of both input and output ports, as well as ethernet port and respond accordingly (notify server, cut HDMI signal)

*For CEC commands to work, the HDMI devices must support the CEC protocol

Use examples:

  • Turn on the TV when user is logged into a host
  • Cut HDMI signal to TV and send a power off command to console when customer's time runs out
  • Notify customer (via the LED strip) that time is running out
  • Turn off a light (via the relay interface) when customer's time runs out

Control methods:

The device itself can be controlled with the following methods:

  • Gizmo built in integration
  • Device built-in HTTP web API
  • Device web sockets

Compatible addressable LED chips:

How to purchase:

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