Gizmo Manager does not display correct user time left

Panagiotis Mantzouranis

Last Update منذ ٤ أعوام

First, let us explain what the time displayed on the user list corresponds to.

In Computer Tab, time column always displays the amount of time the user has before logout. Products that cannot be used on the specific host do not count towards user's time.

Time offers that expire may only count partially, or none at all depending on other product priority.

In Users Tab, time column displays 1 of 2 things, depending the status of the user (logged in or out)

  • For users logged in, it displays the exact same time displayed in the computers Tab.
  • For users logged out, it displays the amount of continuous time available, starting from now and without taking into account any host group limitations of the time offers.

Same applies to the time displayed in the user's profile

As you must have understand by now, there is no 1 correct time for any given user. The amount of time a customer can use at any given time does not necessarily equal to the sum of the time offers he has purchased

What Gizmo displays is the time that is available for use. To give your customer a better picture of his time status, you should refer to his time product tab.

It displays in detail all valid time offers and remaining time.

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