How To: Turn on/off Consoles with Gizmo and mPower Pro

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mPower is a product line from Ubiquiti. It is a remote controlled power socket that works over wifi or ethernet (mPower Pro only).

You can use mPower devices to turn power on or off on any host (TV, gaming consoles, light fixtures) directly from Gizmo Manager.

Before starting Gizmo configuration of your mPower device, first make sure that it is connected to your network. Use the utility provided by Ubiquiti to verify that the device is connected to your local lan, and note down the device's IP address. You will need it for the configuration.

Configuring mPower in Gizmo

  1. Download the attached file and extract inside c:\Program Files (x86)\NETProjects\Gizmo Service\Batch\
  2. Open PowerOn.bat with notepad and edit the following:
In the example above we have 2 consoles. Console number 23 in Gizmo, which is connected to the 1st outlet of the mPower device.
And console number 24 in Gizmo, which is connected to the 2nd outlet of the mPower device.

3. Repeat the procedure for the PowerOff.bat

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