How To: Use Shifts

Panagiotis Mantzouranis

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Enable shift for an operator

Shifts are enabled per operator. To enable shifts on a Operator, open settings - Operators, edit the operator and set shift to "Mandatory"

Start a shift

To start a shift, simply login. Enter starting cash amount for this shift and press Accept.

If you have an active shift on a different Manager, or if there is an active shift of another Operator on this Manager, you will need to end them before starting a new one.

End all shifts in order to start a new one.

End shift

To close the shift, use the Shift - End shift option from the top menu. Count the amount of cash in the register and input the value in the field. Then press Accept.

Manage active shifts

Manage shifts displays currently active shifts across all registers. You can directly end a shift using the End button next to each shift.

View shifts

Shift reports display all active and ended shift for the time period selected. Each shift row can be expanded to display the following information

Notes on shifts:

  • Shifts are tied to a register AND to an operator.
  • Only one shift can be open on each register.
  • Only one shift can be open by each operator.
  • Shifts do not close when operators logs out. An operator cannot start a shift on a register if the other one isn't closed first.
  • Transactions by operators without open shifts count in the active shift of the register (if one exists)
  • When voiding/refunding an invoice, the refund amount is deducted from the shift currently open in this register. not from the shift that it was created.

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