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1. What is Reservation feature?

Reservation feature is used to book one or more hosts for a specific time duration. Only accounts added to the reservation can manually login to reserved host PC.

2. Can a reservation be made without a user account?

Yes, customer username is optional. The only required info is reservation time, duration and host(s)

3. What is the reservation ID? What is the reservation PIN? What is the difference?

Reservation ID is simply a number that identifies a specific reservation. You can search for a specific reservation with the reservation ID using the advanced search.

Reservation PIN is a 6 letter&digit combination that can be used by the customer to login to any of the reserved hosts. Reservation PIN allows you to book PC without having to enter the customer's username during the booking process. You should provide the reservation PIN to the customer during booking.

4. What are "additional users" for?

A reservation can have more than one computers reserved. By adding extra users in the "additional users" field, you are giving all of the additional users access to the reserved hosts.

5. How will the reserved customer login if he did not submit his username when booking?

You can add or remove accounts to the reservation at any time. That means you can add the username when the customer checks in to the store.

Customers can also use the reservation PIN to identify themselves during login to a reserved pc. (not yet implemented)

6. Can I book multiple hosts in a single reservation?

Yes, a reservation can contain multiple hosts. Moreover, more than 1 users can be included in the reservation.

Any user added to the reservation will be allowed to login to any one of the booked PC.

7. Can the reservation user login to the reserved PC if he does not have time/deposits?

No. The user needs to have available time in order to login to the reserver host, just like any other host.

8. How long before the start of the reservation does the login screen notification appear?

The "Reservation" message appears 1 hour before the start of the reservation and remains until the end of the reservation.

The duration cannot be modified at this time.

9. Can I block users from logging into reserved hosts?

Yes. While the reservation is active, login from the client PC is blocked by default to anyone but the reserved user(s).

Operators can still login any customer from Gizmo Manager.

Furthermore, you can block login to the booked PC x amount of minutes before the start of the reservation.

This option can be configured in: Gizmo Server Settings →General → Reservations → Block user login

10. Can I automatically unblock the PC if the customer does not show up?

You can release the reserved PC to all users x minutes after the start of the reservation.

The setting is configured in: Gizmo Server Settings →General → Reservations → Unblock user login

Note that the option above does not delete the reservation, it only permits any customer to login

11. Will the system logout any user when the reservation time is reached?

No. Gizmo will not logout a user who is already logged in.

12. Can I enforce the sale of a time offer or product during the reservation procedure?

No, currently such a feature is not implemented. You will have to manually enforce a policy like this.

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