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1. What is "User Balance"?

User balance represents the customer's debt to the store.

If the balance is positive, the customer has credit (unused money) in his account that he can spend.

If the balance is negative, the customer has a debit (owes money) due to unpaid products or services.

2. Where is user balance displayed?

A user's balance is displayed in various locations throughout Gizmo manager interface

• Computer tab - Balance Column

• User tab - Balance column

• User's account window - Scales icon below customer photo

• In username selection window when manually login user to a host

3. How is a user's Balance calculated?

The balance is the customer's deposits minus any unpaid invoices and time

4. Can i modify a user's balance?

The balance is automatically recalculated based on customer's deposits and unpaid invoices. You cannot modify the balance directly.

  • Paying unpaid invoices with cash or credit card, or depositing money to the account will increase the balance.
  • Purchasing products without paying (pay later) will decrease the user's balance.

5. Why is a use's balance negative?

A customer's balance is negative if the deposits are less than the unpaid invoice total.

In essence, this means that the user has less money deposited than the total amount he owes to the store.

6. How can a user balance be negative when customer has deposits?

See question #5

7. What is "Close Balance"?

"Close balance" is used to settle customer's debt (unpaid invoices).

Closing balance has the following effect:

  • It logs out the user
  • It invoices any uninvoiced play time
  • If "auto-invoice" & "auto-pay from deposits" is enabled, session time is paid from deposits
  • It displays a list of unpaid invoices and their total

The operator can then choose to pay using deposits, cash or a different payment method.

8. How do I close balance on a user?

To close balance on a user, right click the user and select "Close balance"

9. Can I automate the "Close Balance"?

You can configure Gizmo to automatically invoice session time and (optionally) auto pay using customer's deposits at logout.

Simply enable "Auto Invoice" & Auto pay from deposits" in Settings - Server - Misc

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