Setup instructions for Онлайн-касса АТОЛ 30Ф

Panagiotis Mantzouranis

Last Update för 10 månader sedan

To setup АТОЛ 30Ф fiscal printer:

  • Update Gizmo to version 2.0.410 or newer
  • Download АТОЛ 30Ф drivers
    (Контрольно-кассовая техника\АТОЛ\АТОЛ 30Ф\Драйвер ККТ
  • Extract and run \\installer\exe\KKT10-
  • Complete setup with default settings
  • Accept driver installation
  • Connect printer USB cable to pc
  • Verify that USB printer serial port is detected correctly
  • Launch Gizmo Manager and open settings
  • Select АТОЛ 30Ф printer in "Fiscal Printers"
  • (ATOL.DLL)

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