Gizmo as Service or as Desktop App (Console Mode)

Panagiotis Mantzouranis

Last Update 3 years ago

After you install gizmo server, you have 2 options:

  1. Install gizmo server as a windows service (preferred)
  2. Run gizmo server as an app manually, using the desktop shortcut

OPTION 1: Install & run Gizmo as a Service

You can install Gizmo as a service at any time using the configuration wizard.

  1. Launch Gizmo service configuration wizard from desktop shortcut
  2. Click on Manage Gizmo service

Installation as service requires a password protected windows account.
Simple mode: Gizmo will create a new windows account automatically

Advanced mode: You can enter the windows credentials for Gizmo to use

OPTION 2: Run Gizmo as a windows app

If you prefer not to setup gizmo as a service, you can always run it manually using the desktop shortcut "Gizmo Server".

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