Gizmo Server fails to authenticate licenses

Panagiotis Mantzouranis

Last Update 4 years ago

Gizmo Server may fail to authenticate your licenses for a number of reasons. In order to resolve the issue check the following:

1. Restart Gizmo Server

Gizmo checks the license status only during startup. If you purchased a subscription you need to restart gizmo Server for the subscription to be activated.

If you run Gizmo Server as a windows service, this article explains how to restart it.

If you run Gizmo Server from "console" desktop shortcut, close Console Window and relaunch.

2. Check that your Gizmo licenses have not expired

Login to Gizmo web portal and verify that you still have a valid subscription

3. Verify that your Gizmo username and password is correct inside Gizmo manager

If you change/recover your password at any time, you need to update it in Gizmo Manager.

Open Manager Settings - General - Subscription and update your password, then Save and restart Gizmo Service

4. Check that your date/time & time zone is correct

Gizmo relies on http certificates to verify your licenses. Your Server date/time AND Time Zone must always be correctly configured.

Select the correct time zone, then set your clock to the correct time and finally restart Gizmo Service

5. Check that your your Server's Hardware ID has assigned licenses

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