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Each Gizmo module (Server, manager, Client) has is own version number. Depending on the release, these versions may or may not coincide.

When checking for a new Gizmo version, only compare your Gizmo Server version with the one on the Gizmo website. If your gizmo server version is smaller than the one on the website, you should update.

Determining your Gizmo version (Server, manager & client)


  1. Open the folder where gizmo server is installed (Default location is c:\Program Files (x86)\NETProjects\Gizmo Service\)
  2. Right click GizmoService.exe - properties
  3. Click on "Details" Tab
  4. Repeat the same for Gizmo Manager (Default location is c:\Program Files (x86)\NETProjects\Gizmo Manager\)

The version is the number next to "Product version"

Determining your Gizmo Client running version

  1. Login to Gizmo Manager with your credentials
  2. Go to Manage Tab
  3. Version column displays each client version

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